Montana Insurance Agent Requirements

Insurance companies wishing to sell their insurance in Montana must register as a resident or non-resident business entity license with the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance.  The fees and procedures are not that hard or expensive.

In order to get your business registered with the Montana Insurance Commissioner, you must first obtain a certificate of authority to do business in Montana with the Secretary of State.

Insurance companies must be a corporation in Montana.  You file as an Insurance Producer in Montana.

As part of your registration part, we can help you with the Secretary of State.  We only charge $100 to register you with the Montana Secretary of State.  You can actually select the expedited option, and we can get this completely done for you in 1 hour.  You will have to have a Montana Registered Agent to keep your certificate of authority with the MT SOS.  We only charge $49 a year to act as your registered agent.  Half of anyone else.

You can either pay us $100 to do the registration for you , or you can do the filing yourself, and just hire us for $49 to act as your Montana registered agent.  The forms you file with the MT SOS are in your online account immediately as well as filing instructions.  Please keep in mind that you will have to mail in your filing to the MT SOS if you do it yourself.  We generally get filings done about 1-2 weeks faster than you will on your own.

We also have the MT insurance registration forms inside your online account.

Insurance Agencies and personal licenses are governed by the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance.  (The Montana State Auditor).