Montana RV Registration

RV Age Price
0-2 years old $360
2-5 years old $264
5-8 years old $175
8-11 years old $230
Over 11 years old * Can get permanent license plate for $275
*Save $100 on each additional vehicle after the first two.

**An $800 – $825 luxury tax is charged by the state on vehicles with an original MSRP at or above $150,000 and RVs with an original MSRP at or above $300,000.

Hire Us to Register Your RV

Registering an RV in Montana is easier than one might think. You don’t need to go into the local DMV office. Our DMV is the Flathead County DMV and we don’t have a county option tax.

We only charge $549 to register your RV with the DMV after we form your LLC for $300 (this does not include the luxury tax). This fee includes same-day LLC formation, courier delivery of the license plates and registration paperwork back to you, and the initial DMV fees. Within a week, you will receive your registration and new plates. When you get your renewal notice from the DMV in a year, you just pay the DMV directly. We don’t mark up their fees or try to sell you something you don’t actually need.

Renewals are sent out with a post card each year to your mailing address or your Montana LLC’s address yearly. Even if you don’t get the renewal, you can pay it online and the DMV will mail a new registration sticker to you. Or, you can pay by faxing in the credit card payment to the Flathead DMV at 406-758-5863. Include a cover letter that has your preferred address on it with the fax. You can even call the Flathead DMV at 406-758-5690 and pay your registration with a credit card over the phone.

Montana has permanent address plates for travel trailers and vehicles that are 11 or more years old, so depending on how old your rig is, you might not even have to worry about renewals.

When we set up Montana LLCs, it only costs $300 for the all-inclusive package and one-day processing. It’s the cheapest Montana LLC service out there!

If you purchased a car from a dealership, be advised that Flathead County is no longer accepting paperwork from dealerships. If the dealership sends your paperwork to the county, they will send it back. Make sure you request to personally submit your new vehicle documentation.

For the forms to send in, and step-by-step instructions, please read through Montana Vehicle Registration.

Please see our Resources page for the link to online RV registration renewal with the Montana DMV.

For insurance information, see our Insuring Your RV in Montana page.