Montana Registered Agent

Montana registered agent service is our full-time job. Many of our competitors operate registered agent companies as a side business. In addition to their full-time jobs, you’ll get a residential home address on your legal documents, but you’ll get their attention only part-time. We, on the other hand, live, breath, eat, sleep, and dream Montana registered agent service. We truly believe we provide the most comprehensive Montana registered agent service you can find.

Our software has been developed over years of working in the trenches to provide services that mean something to you and create value for you. Our goal is not to send you an invoice that you don’t really want to pay each year, but to provide you with a real solution for maintaining your Montana business.

Montana registered agent service is all we do. It’s our legal name: All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC. Our price is in our name: $49. There’s no gimmicks. It’s just $49 a year, and we make it easy to change your registered agent to us.

Our goal is that you’ll have what you need instantly in your online account. The forms you file with the Montana Secretary of State are in your online account, pre-signed immediately after you sign up for service.

Sometimes people wonder why our prices are so cheap. We service many top law firms in Montana. We provide online tools and resources that help them manage their clients. We just charge the same price whether you have 1,000 companies with us, or just one. So the general public gets the same wholesale pricing we charge Montana law firms: $49 a year.

Order Registered Agent Service

$49 Montana Registered Agent service includes:

  1. A real commercial address, not a residential address.
  2. One year of registered agent service from the date of hire.
  3. We monitor your entity for you, report back if your entity falls out of good standing, and remind you at least four times when the annual report is due.
  4. Online account.
  5. Online bill pay.
  6. We have no hidden fees and forwarding fees like other agents. We aren’t going to tell you that you need additional services in a couple months to maintain your legitimacy in Montana or try to sell you some weird add-on services.
  7. We’ll look over the documents you file yourself for errors.
  8. Entire lawsuits and service of process are uploaded to your online account immediately. We can email five different contacts and your lawyer for service of process. You’ll literally see a 200-page lawsuit in your account within 10 minutes of a process server walking into our office.
  9. We make sure you get your documents and your identity is protected.
  10. Your personal contact details are stored completely off-site on a dedicated server that costs us over $600 a month. Even if we get a court order to release client details, we don’t have anything on-site to give. We only store your client contact details off-site on our dedicated server.
  11. All the junkmail we receive for you is shredded to avoid dumpster divers and land-fill identity thefts. No cancellation fees. If you want to switch registered agents from $49 All Day Montana Registered Agent LLC, or dissolve your company, we don’t charge you.
  12. Free notification to your attorney, personal assistant, or trustee at the same time we notify you (optional at no charge).
  13. We store your formation and registration documents in your online account, and you can make other maintenance filings through your online account.
  14. If you don’t want to do a filing yourself, we charge a simple, flat-rate fee of $100 to do a filing for you.

There’s a lot of Montana registered agent companies that offer registered agent services. We understand you have choices. This is our full-time business and our only focus. Do you think hiring a company that does registered agent services part-time and lists a home address is a smart decision for your privacy, your contact details, the security of your documents, and most importantly, your service of process?

Do you want your private lawsuits coming somewhere where a residential family might have friends over while your company is getting served? We feel these are important decisions to ask when choosing a Montana registered agent service.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to give us a call, email, stop by during business hours, or just get immediate service here: