Why Choose Us?

Full Service Montana Vehicle Package is Cheap AND Fast

Here at $49 Montana Registered Agent, we will register your RV, auto, or really anything that requires registration for between $549 and $749. This price includes ALL DMV FEES and an overnight delivery of your registration materials back to you.

If that’s not enough, check out these additional perks:

  • Our address is commercial. (That means it’s legit.) Most other registered agent websites offer Montana addresses that are some random house or strip mall. We offer your our commercial business address to list on your document.
  • Flathead Count has no county option vehicle tax. Other registered agents might offer their services, but they can’t get the cheap registration we can in Flathead County.
  • Our price includes custom LLC articles, resolutions, and an operating agreement tailored for your exact needs.
  • We save you money over the long haul… not just upfront. (We do that too.) Initially, our services are $450 to $2,000 less than our competitors. Going forward though, we only charge $49 a year to act as your registered agent.
  • We value your privacy. We keep all of your personal and private information off of the MT public record.

Our Montana Registered Agent Service is Setting the Standards

  • $49 a year.
  • Instant secure online account.
  • Instant scanned SOP and legal docs into your online account.
  • Free forwarding of titles, plates, and DMV registrations.
  • Use our address for SOS and DMV filings.
  • No up-sells.
  • Montana Secretary of State and DMV experts ready to help whenever you need them.