About Us

A Boutique Registered Agent Service Located in Flathead County, Next to Glacier National Park

Our OfficeAlthough we’re small, we fancy ourselves Montana Secretary of State specialists, as well as LLC and vehicle registration specialists. After all, this is all we actually do, so the theory is that we should be pretty phenomenal at it.

As with any small business, we have gone through some changes and growth:

  • We started out doing business formations and filings in any state. If we got a weird order, we’d figure it out. Basically we have a default tendency here in Montana to do whatever needs done to get by. If you drive around Flathead County, it’s amazing what you’ll find for sale at the end of people’s driveway. Your plumber probably sells cherries when the season’s right. Your banker probably has a tractor he does side jobs with. Your excavator probably sells craft jam at the farmers’ market. You get the drift.
  • We finally realized that taking orders to amend a Connecticut corporation’s authorized shares just wasn’t what we wanted to be doing. So we refocused on what we actually care about. MONTANA!

We feel if you’re going to hire someone for Montana, they should only do Montana.

We service many top law firms as their backbone in maintaining their clients’ companies. You can enjoy the same wholesale pricing that a firm asking us to maintain hundreds of companies can enjoy.

We have no price breaks, no fancy pricing games, no hidden fees, no up-sells on any additional services telling you that you need something more—and we try to offer more included services than ANY other Montana registered agent or than any other Montana Law firm could provide for their clients.

There has been a lot of Montana Registered Agent businesses that we’ve seen come and go throughout the years. Most of them running are out of homes or residences. When we look at current MT SOS filings, we find it baffling that anyone hires a registered agent that provides a residential address. What will happen when that person sells their home, gets a divorce, or just needs to move? Appointing a registered agent gets their address on a lot of your documents. The address a registered agent gives you, in our mind, should be commercial and available for a long time.

We recommend doing a Google street view search of their address to see a real picture of the place you’re about to trust with your Montana LLC or registration. Type in the address, and then hit street view to see a picture. THIS WILL BE YOUR ADDRESS OF YOUR NEW MONTANA COMPANY. We do this full-time. It’s all we do, and as you can see, our location is a real commercial location; not a residential home.

Montanans have a unique attitude, not found in many other states. We take extreme pride in the work we do, but are not ashamed to take a day off and go fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, skiing, golfing, camping, shopping, or just a day off without going into the office.

What’s unique about Montana is the hard work ethic while at work, and the dedication given to playing as well. With a ski hill not far from our office, and cell phone service on the mountain, you might catch a couple of us twisting the arm of a co-worker to cover for us on a slow business morning to sneak in a few skiing runs. Or in the summer it may be a round of golf, a quick line drop in the Flathead Lake, a quiet walk through Glacier National Park, or maybe just meeting up with friends at Kalispell Brewing Company. The work vs. pleasure balance that Montana can offer is unlike other states. You can read more about living in Montana.

Rest assured, we take your business needs seriously. Montana Registered Agent and Montana LLC services is all we do.

  • Our 24-hour business formation service is fast.
  • We think we’re the fastest DMV service.  Clients can sign up and typically expect plates and registration back in their hands within 6 weeks (state processing times can vary pending order volume). Need faster service? For an additional $75, we’ll order you temporary plates and send them to you through your online client account.
  • Our online account system is leading the Montana registered agent industry with reports, reminders, and resources.
  • We are continually trying to make sure we stay at the top of our game.

NO ADS. Notice how other Montana registered agents have to pay for Google ads? We don’t do Google ads. Why? We don’t have to. We charge way less than others, we rarely lose clients, and we get word-of-mouth referrals all the time. Each one of our clients is a real opportunity to better ourselves, our business, and establish another relationship with someone new. That’s what gets us up in the morning and enjoying our work every day.

Some funny things we’ve gotten for our vehicle registration clients:

  • A replacement toilet
  • New satellite antennae
  • Sunglasses
  • Owner’s manuals
  • Porsche Clocks
  • New remote control for TV
  • Lots of invoices for stuff they don’t want to pay anymore
  • A antique-looking cedar box that was big
  • An absurdly fancy Mercedes Benz actually showed up on a semi truck
  • Garden hose
  • Tee Shirts
  • Washer components