Montana Snowmobile Registration

You can purchase a snowmobile in a Montana LLC for no sales tax and register it with the Montana DMV.

Montana DMV rates for snowmobiles are a flat rate permanent fee of $60.50.

If you’re in the snowmobile rental business, they cost $40.50 for the first one and the second one is $20.00. After your third snowmobile, you have to register them permanently at the permanent rate above.

If you’re a snowmobile outfitter, buying snowmobiles in a Montana LLC is an attractive way to avoid sales tax.

If you have a current LLC or corporation in your home state, we can also just register your foreign LLC or foreign corporation to do business in Montana and thus purchase the snowmobiles tax free.

If you would like to start a Montana LLC or a Montana corporation, or register your out of state company you can sign up here: