We Incorporate in Montana.

All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC is your affordable and dependable Montana registered agent service and Montana LLC provider.

Why’s Our MT Registered Agent Service Better?

  • It’s $49 a year, from the date you sign up. Way less than others.
  • The price never goes up. It’s our legal name: All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC.
  • We have no additional fees.
  • We immediately scan all legal documents received into your online Montana registered agent account, and store for your convenience.
  • We forward your Montana titles, plates, and any Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) originals to you for no additional cost.
  • We send you report reminders and how-to links to file the $20 report yourself and save.
  • We can file your annual report for you automatically for a $50 fee.
  • Our vast resources in your agent account make operating in Montana easier for you.
  • We’re Montana Resident Agent experts. This is all we do. It’s not a side business.
  • Commercial location. Many MT Agents operate out of homes and residential addresses.
  • This is our actual business! You’re not a line item in addition to something else. You’re it.

Are you looking to form a Montana LLC, form a Montana Corporation, incorporate in Montana, register your out-of-state business in Montana, form a Montana LLC to license your motor-home, RV, recreation vehicle, airplane, trailer, travel trailer, work trailers, trucks, or automobiles? You can form a Montana RV LLC, register a foreign Montana LLC, or form an asset-holding Montana LLC with our $100 service. We complete all filings you order, the same day. Our real benefit is our Montana registered agent service for only $49 a year.

Your total initial cost to register a vehicle in Montana:

$1,049 ALL IN! We form your Montana LLC, register your vehicle, and overnight your plates and registration back to you. Our fee includes the Montana LLC state filing fees and the MVD fees*. We specialize in this. We will keep your info completely off of MVD and state records. We don’t charge any extra for this privacy like other MT registered agents do. We don’t up-sell you. We just do it the right way, keeping your info private as a default, because we’re Montana LLC specialists.

* Key tax notes for owners of electric, plug-in, or luxury vehicles:

  • Starting July 1, 2023, a new  Electric Tax of $70-$1,100 is being added by the State Legislature for Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles. The tax amount is based on the type of vehicle (electric or plug-in) as well as the vehicle weight (divided into 4 “classes” of vehicle based on gross weight).
  • Starting January 1, 2018, a new luxury tax of $800 – $825 is being added by the State Legislature for vehicles with an original MSRP over $150,000 and motorhomes with an original MSRP over $300,000.

Your total ongoing cost to maintain this vehicle in Montana:

  • Montana companies are required to maintain a Montana resident agent. We charge $49 a year to act as your Montana registered agent—half of other registered agents.
  • Montana companies are required to pay $20 to the MT SOS every April 15th.
  • The MVD will charge you anywhere from $80-310 depending on what you’re licensing and registering, plus a luxury tax of $800 to $825 if your vehicle’s MSRP exceeds $150,000 or $300,000 for motorhomes.

Why is our Montana vehicle LLC package different?

  1. We’re in a county that doesn’t have a county vehicle option tax like our competitors.
  2. We know the intricate details of LLCs. We form your LLC without listing your information on the public documents.
  3. We also register your vehicles without getting your private information on the MVD records.
  4. When you go elsewhere, you will probably get your information listed on permanent state records, and thus always be exposed to other states requesting records from Montana.

Our Montana Vehicle Registration LLC package includes:

  • Efficiency. Order today and we start your LLC formation immediately. In our experience, the MVD can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to get us your plates and registration (pending order volume). Once we get your plates from the MVD, we ship them to you immediately.
  • Privacy of your information in the way we form your Montana LLC and register your vehicles.
  • Custom-drafted LLC articles specifically written for your needs.
  • Custom LLC operating agreement written for LLC holding companies to own vehicles. Will other resident agents provide you with an operating agreement that even gives your new MT LLC the right to own a vehicle and register it in Montana?
  • Fast and efficient vehicle registrations. Title work is always processed the same day we receive it from you.
  • One year of our $49 Montana Registered Agent service.
  • Use of our address for your titles, registrations, and insurance.
  • NO UPSELLS. Other registered agents have to fool you into “privacy” services or dupe you into a bank account service or MT office services. There’s zero reason to pay extra for a privacy service or a Montana Nexus or Montana office program if you form a Montana Limited Liability Company the way we do it for you.

Why Hire a Montana Registered Agent Located in Kalispell, Montana?

We are the only agent service actually located and operating here in Flathead County, where there’s no county vehicle option tax. Yes, every other highly populated region in MT has a county option tax! If you’re looking at a Montana registered agent service based in Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte, Helena, Livingston, or other cities in MT, THEY ALL HAVE A COUNTY OPTION TAX FOR VEHICLES. So while Montana as a state might not have a sales tax, if you hire the wrong Montana resident agent, you might get stuck with a much higher than expected MVD registration fee after giving them your money. As a local Montana Secretary of State expert, we form Montana Corporations, Montana LLCs, and register foreign corporations or LLCs to do business in Montana everyday. Flathead County is where you want to be registered.

Montana has no sales tax. If you’re forming a Montana company to register a vehicle, you have to license your Montana vehicle in the county of your registered agent. Our county (Flathead County) is one of the cheapest in Montana, because we do not have the county option tax like almost every other county in MT.


  • ALL DAY. This is what we do all day. We made a dedication to software and web technology before others. We’ve created software that many top law firms utilize to maintain their clients’ company registrations in Montana. We’ve already built the online infrastructure to operate efficiently and provide a high level of security and added benefits in our registered agent services. You won’t just get a bill each year. We provide you with tools to actually make registering in Montana easier.
  • CASH. We paid cash for a lot of things. We believe in slowly growing the right way. Taking care of clients one-by-one. We don’t like to lease, rent, or buy things with monthly payments.
  • RENEWALS. Our business isn’t sexy. It’s not high-growth, but we renew A LOT of our clients. We almost never lose someone to another Montana agent service.
  • THE MONTANA WAY. We simply don’t need as much money as our greedy competitors and their highfalutin’ lifestyles.