Montana Aircraft Registration

Montana aircraft registration has its own set of forms and fees distinct from other types of Montana vehicle registration. Below you can find links to the Montana Department fee schedule and other pertinent documents and information about Montana aircraft registration. Montana aircraft are governed by the Montana Code Annotated 67-3-201 (67-3-201, MCA).

Many people form Montana LLCs to hold their aircraft in order to avoid potentially paying thousands in sales taxes. You can purchase your aircraft under a Montana LLC and register that LLC-owned aircraft with the Montana Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division.

Montana Aeronautics 2023 Air Craft Registration Fee Schedule*

 Aircraft Type

(years based on 2023)

0-5 years 6-10 years 11-20 years 21-30 years 31-40 years
Single piston electric engine, fixed gear, 200 horsepower and under $450 $262.50 $150 $75 $37.50
Single piston engine, fixed gear, over 200 horsepower $750 $375 $225 $112.50 $75
Single piston engine, retractable gear, 200 horsepower and under $900 $450 $262.50 $150 $112.50
Single piston engine, retractable gear, over 200 horsepower $1,050 $600 $300 $187.50 $150
Multi-engine, piston engine $1,200 $750 $375 $262.50 $225
Helicopter, piston (single and multi-engine) $1,050 $675 $337.50 $225 $187.50
Single engine jet helicopter, prop jet $2,250 $1,050 $675 $450 $262.50
Multi-engine turboprop/prop jet, fixed wing or helicopter $3,000 $1,500 $900 $600 $300
Jet engine, turbofan, turbojet, single & multi-engine $4,500 $2,250 $1,200 $750 $375
Glider, ultralight, gyrocopter, balloon, homebuilt aircraft, antiques or any aircraft over 40 years old $30

* Check out the most up-to-date and comprehensive Montana aircraft registration fee schedule

Montana Aircraft Registration Resources

Here you can find critical Montana aircraft registration resources:

And if you plan to fly in the State of Montana, you are required to fill out and pay for the state’s pilot registration. You can access that form through the Montana Department of Transportation Portal.

Note: Aircraft have to renew their registration annually by March 1st.

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