Montana Exotic Car Registration

How to Buy Exotic Vehicles with a Montana LLC Tax Free

If you’re going to buy a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or some other exotic vehicle, you can buy the car or truck of your dreams with a Montana LLC and not pay sales tax. How?  According to MCA 61-3-311, all Montana vehicles avoid sales tax. Additionally, Montana vehicles are not subject to personal property tax, because in Montana the licensing fees are in lieu of personal property tax. But that’s not even the best part. Montana LLCs don’t have to buy their vehicles in Montana to not pay the sales tax. Since Montana LLCs are viewed as residents of Montana, they’re taxed as such.

How the Montana LLC Exotic Vehicle Registration Works:

What we do is help you form a Montana LLC and maintain it, making the Montana LLC a resident of Montana, not you personally. The title of your Bentley, Ferrari, or vehicle will be under the name of your Montana LLC. You control the LLC, but you personally do not own the vehicle.

How to Use a Montana LLC to Buy an Exotic Car Tax Free:

When you hire us, we’ll form your Montana LLC and register the vehicle with a Flathead County address. That’s important because Flathead County does not have an excise tax on titled property. With our service, we provide you the office address, registered agent, and act as a liaison with the state to register your car or truck and LLC. Your Montana LLC will be registered at our address, and your vehicle will be registered to our address. Here’s the step by step process to purchase a Maserati, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Bugatti, McLaren, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mangusta, or any expensive vehicle  without paying sales tax to Montana:

  1. Form a Montana Limited Liability Company (A Montana LLC)
  2. We will provide you the filed LLC papers, operating agreement, and resolutions documenting you, the members, sole authority to make decisions for the LLC.
  3. Purchase the vehicle as the Montana LLC, and you’ll have the authority to act for the Montana LLC as the member(s).
  4. Send us the vehicle title work for your exotic vehicle (or have your car dealer send it to us) and we’ll register your vehicle with the state.
  5. Once we receive your plates and registration from the state (typically 8-12 weeks), we will overnight these to you. Please note that the state sends us your title separate from your plates and registration (roughly 40 days later). Once we receive your title, we upload it into your online account and send you the physical copy via USPS Ground Advantage™ within 10 business days (tracking number included).

Long-term LLC Maintenance

  1. Maintain a Montana registered agent (we charge $49 a year) to provide you a physical address in MT at all times.
  2. Maintain your Montana LLC with the Secretary of State. It costs $20 a year and you can file online. We can file it each year for you if you’d like.
  3. You can always use your Montana LLC to buy a trailer, tow vehicle, airplane, or any kind of asset that can be titled.
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How Much Can you Save on Sales Tax with a Montana LLC?

Vehicle Type Cost Sales Tax (6%) $1,049 Montana LLC Savings
Ferrari  $188,425   $11,305.50   $10,256.50
Lamborghini $199,800   $11,988   $10,939
Tesla Model S $69,900   $4194   $3,145
Bentley $201,000   $12,060   $11,011
Bugatti Veyron $1.7 mil   $102,000   $100,951
Aston Martin DB9 $201,120   $12,067.20   $11,018.20

*Key tax notes on electric, plug-in, and luxury vehicles:

  • Starting July 1, 2023, a new Electric Tax of $70-$1,100 is being added by the State Legislature for Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles. The tax amount is based on the type of vehicle (electric or plug-in) as well as the vehicle weight (divided into 4 “classes” of vehicle based on gross weight).
  • An $825 luxury tax is charged by the state on vehicles with an original MSRP at or above $150,000.

Montana License Plate Fees

Montana vehicle registrations are yearly.

Your total cost to have us form the MT LLC in one day and register your auto initially is $1,049 (not including Luxury Tax).

We establish Montana LLCs for you to own your vehicles for only $300, and we do it in a couple days. This includes the Articles of Organization, operating agreement, state filing fees, and our $49 a year Montana registered agent service. For more on vehicle licensing please see: Montana vehicle registrations.

Our county is Flathead County and does not have a county option tax because our county has more money and less people than most.

That means, if you buy an $800,000 Maserati, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Bugatti, McLaren, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Mangusta, or any expensive vehicle, you’ll only be looking at $300 for a Montana LLC, $749 for us to get the plates, registration and title, and $825 for the Luxury Tax. Then you’ll pay yearly about $90-$220 to the Flathead DMV, $20 to the State of Montana for the LLC, and $49 a year for us to be your registered agent and for you to use our address.

The real beauty of the Montana LLC for holding exotic or specialty vehicles is if your car or truck is over 11 years old, you can get a permanent plate. Also, if you have an expensive vehicle, it will be owned in the Montana LLC. You can then transfer the ownership of the LLC with the Montana Secretary of State for $20 if you ever want to sell the vehicle, and the people you sell the vehicle to have a pre-licensed vehicle.

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