Montana Motorcycle & ATV Registration

Best Montana LLC for 4-Wheeler Registration

Buying a motorcycle or 4-wheeler for a Montana LLC is a common practice. In particular, you can license a 4-wheeler for on-road use in Montana. A lot of people who can’t license 4-wheelers in their home state can enjoy the freedom of driving them on the road in their home state with having a Montana license plate on them. Is it totally legal? Who knows? It’s a weird subject that most cops won’t know how to deal with if they happen to pull you over. But it’s legal in Montana and you’ll get a Montana license plate, and you can purchase the 4-wheeler or motorcycle tax free with your Montana LLC.

How Does Tax-Free Montana LLC Motorcycle Registration Work?

Montana offers a permanent registration for motorcycles and 4-wheelers (quadricycles) according to Section 61-3-321 of the Montana Code Annotated.

If you form a Montana motorcycle LLC—which we can help you with—that LLC functions as a resident of Montana. That means you can purchase your Harley Davidson motorcycle, four-wheeler, John Deere Gator, Kawasaki Mule, or other ATV, and do it tax-free. Montana vehicles are property and sales tax-free for Montana residents, so purchasing yours through a Montana motorcycle LLC makes a lot of sense. We can help you make it happen from start to finish—with a total price of $849.

Steps to Buy a Motorcycle or ATV Tax-Free With a Montana LLC

Here are the steps to completing your MT motorcycle LLC:

  1. Sign up for our Montana motorcycle LLC formation service. We’ll send your documents—filed LLC papers, operating agreement, membership certificates, and any necessary resolutions establishing your decision-making power.
  2. Purchase your motorcycle or four-wheeler, making sure to put your new Montana LLC as the owner of the vehicle.
  3. Overnight us your title work (or have the dealer send it) along with your inspection sheet.
  4.  We’ll register your ATV or motorcycle with the MVD.
  5. Once we receive your plates and registration from the state (typically 8-12 weeks), we will overnight these to you. Please note that the state sends us your title separate from your plates and registration (roughly 40 days later). Once we receive your title, we upload it into your online account and send you the physical copy via USPS Ground Advantage™ within 10 business days (tracking number included).

To see more about licensing vehicles in Montana, please see our page  on Montana Vehicle Registrations.

Long-Term Maintenance For your Motorcylce/ATV LLC 

  1. Keep your Montana motorcycle LLC current by submitting an annual report to the Montana Secretary of State. The annual report fee for LLCs is $20 (fees waived for the year 2024). We do offer annual report filing service.
  2. Maintain a registered agent in the state of Montana. When you hire us to form your Montana motorcycle or ATV LLC, we include our registered agent service for one year. To keep us as your registered agent, we charge only $49 a year.

What it Costs to Form a Montana Motorcycle LLC

If you would like to purchase a motorcycle or 4-wheeler with an LLC, we charge $300 to establish a Montana LLC for you. This includes Articles of Organization, operating agreement, membership certificates, state fees, and one year of our $49 Montana registered agent service.

There’s only one option in Montana for motorcycle registration, and that’s permanent plates. Montana offers a permanent registration for motorcycles and 4-wheelers (quadricycles) according to Section 61-3-321 of the Montana Code Annotated. This means you only have a one-time registration fee. The following is a list of Montana one-time DMV fees for Motorcycles and 4-wheelers, depending on whether you will drive it off-road, on-road, or both:

The following is the list of Montana DMV fees for Motorcycles and 4-wheelers:

Montana DMV fees
Street legal flat fee $105.00
Street legal and off-road $165.00
Off-road only fee $105.00

Pretty cheap prices to get a motorcycle registered or a 4-wheeler registered in Montana.

What it Costs to Maintain a Motorcycle or ATV Registration in Montana

Absolutely nothing. Because one-time registration with permanent plates is the only option for Montana motorcycle registration, there are no annual registration fees. Your only costs will be associated with maintaining your LLC ($20 for annual report and $49 for registered agent per year).

Benefits of Owning a Motorcycle or ATV Through a Montana LLC

The fact that you get permanent plates is a pretty big benefit to buying a motorcycle with a Montana LLC. You get the same freedom from annual fees that Montanans enjoy. Also, you don’t have to pay property or sales tax as a Montana “resident.” This will save you cash in both the short-term and the long-term.

Besides saving hassle and money, a Montana motorcycle LLC saves you from having your name and address on public record as the ATV or motorcycle owner. With us as your registered agent, our address goes on your formation documents, and your LLC name goes on your registration. You stay off both the Montana DMV and SOS records.

How Long Does the Montana Motorcycle Registration Process Take?

All things being equal, you can have your permanent plates within about 8-12 weeks, once we have all your necessary paperwork. If you need specialty plates or decide not to overnight your paperwork to us, there can be extra time involved. But you won’t find a faster Montana ATV LLC service than ours.

What Makes our Montana Motorcycle LLC Great?

In a word: Expertise. We know the process, we know the agencies, we know the people. We’ve gotten Montana vehicle registration down to a fine art. And we’ve streamlined the process to offer you the most speed and the most savings possible. We’ll get you canyon carving in no time.

We’ve not only streamlined the process speed-wise, we’ve pared down the costs. Our Montana county is one of the few that doesn’t charge an extra excise tax in addition to registration. So if you want your Montana motorcycle LLC done fast at a low price, we’re your company.

If you would like to purchase a motorcycle or 4-wheeler for an LLC, we charge $300 to establish a Montana LLC for you. This includes Articles of Organization, operating agreement, state fees, and one year of our $49 Montana registered agent service.