Service Agreement

For terms of this agreement “All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC.”, will be referred to as its assumed name: “ADMT”.

We will not charge you extra to forward your Montana Title, registration papers, a license plate, of whatever really is needed for you to establish a Montana LLC and get your vehicles registered here. NOW, this is kind of under the assumption that you’re going to buy an RV and maybe a tow vehicle. Or maybe a pickup and a travel trailer. We only charge you $49 a year to act as your registered agent. We’re willing to not make a lot the first year to help you get going and hopefully have a better profit margin on year two (which is always still just $49). Now if you’re going to form an LLC and you happen to be a collector of cars… like you have 5 acres and it’s full of cars… and you want to get like 100 permanent plates or something. Or you just have a fleet of vehicles. Or you are kind of running a car dealership under the radar and are doing this because you’re not a US Citizen and can’t get a dealership license in your home state, or you’re a car addict, and you just can’t help yourself; maybe we should talk. You’ll understand that for $49 we might need a little more when you send 5 titles a month through our office.

Let’s say you’re a car addict and you continually need vehicles registered with the Flathead DMV. If you pay us to register them for you, we include overnighting the license plate and registration back to you. But if you bypass our services and send through lots of vehicles through the DMV direct, it might be nice for you to send us $15 each time to cover postage expenses. Or you could include a pre-paid fedex or UPS label back to you, so it’s not a lot of expense on our part.

At ADMT, we like to keep things simple, and that philosophy even extends to our terms of service. Basically, here’s the deal: you sign up for registered agent service in Montana with us, and upon receipt of payment, we’ll accept service of process on behalf of your business at our registered office and send it to you. We agree to meet all the requirements set forth by the Montana’s Model Registered Agent Act. You, the client, agree to give us accurate, updated information about your business and self, so that we can properly meet our requirements with the state and send your documents to you at the right address.

If you sign up for a vehicle registration package, a business formation, or any filing at all, you agree not to dispute the charge on your credit card. When you pay us with a credit card, we immediately fork over the filing fees to the state and the DMV on your behalf. You agree that if you dispute your charge on your credit card, to pay us a $300 service fee for now waiting 5 months to get the money you dispute back from the credit card company, and spending about 10 hours accumulating paperwork to submit to the evil credit card companies to beg for the money back that you gave us temporarily to pass on to the DMV and state on your behalf.


That ADMT has not provided any legal advice about anything you have hired us to do. Montana has no sales tax. Almost every county except ours has a county option tax. We have no county option vehicle tax, which makes us cheaper than almost any other Montana Vehicle Registration service. Although this is legal in Montana, the reality is that your home state, city, or county will probably want you to register your vehicles there and pay them sales tax and all kinds of crazy personal property taxes and all things absurdly expensive.

We are a business service company. We file LLCs, annual reports, corporation filings, name amendments, revivals, reinstatements, mergers, and basically anything to do with corporate entities. We also will walk into the Flathead DMV and hand paperwork registrations in for our clients, and process any kind of titlework or Montana Motor Vehicle filings requested to us like lost titles, lien releases, etc…

Forming a Montana LLC or any entity to own and register a vehicle is no different than a local delivery service here in Kalispell forming a company like “Kalispell Haulers LLC” and obviously that company would own a truck to haul stuff in. You’re doing what any normal business does. You should make sure you’re ok forming a company in Montana. Montana won’t charge you sales tax, but if you go pulling a $500,000 RV into your driveway in your home state, and just sit there all the time with a Montana plate on it, you’re probably violating some local rules saying you should register it in your home state. Most people just don’t care. You’ve spent your whole life overpaying taxes, the mega-rich, and mega-corporations don’t pay their fair share, and the laws of our country are written by special interests that will pay millions of dollars to buy off legislators, (like contribute tons of money to the legislators spouses charities), and they write the laws to benefit them, while you and common folks like us, get screwed because we don’t have the sophistication to hire lobbyists and write laws that specifically help us. So most people at this point in their lives are just OK with the risk, and frankly, it kind of feels like you’re finally being smart like the Wall Street billionaires playing with our retirement money. Odds are, you’ll be traveling the country, on the move, and you might not actually have the RV sitting there long enough to be forced to register it. If you’re going to store the RV for an extended time and not use it, many people opt to store a Montana Registered RV in a state other than where they live. We’re not saying any of this is legal in your home state!! We don’t judge, and we don’t really care what our clients do. We’re here to process paperwork in a fast and affordable method.


Other things we need you to agree to and understand:

  • Our liability, financial or otherwise, extends only to the service fees paid to us, which are basically $49 for registered agent service and $100 for a filing. So you agree our liability for anything is capped at $149.
  • We don’t have any interest or ownership in any company we represent.
  • When you place an order, you agree to have us form your company and/or register your vehicles, but you own the company.
  • If you hire us and then try to dispute the charge, we’ll hit you with a $300 fee
  • If you’d like to cancel our $49 registered agent service, that’s fine. You agree to change the registered agent, mailing address, principal office address, and update the DMV records to not list our address for any vehicle registrations. You agree to pay us $49 a year to be your registered agent until you update all these addresses or dissolve your company and cancel your DMV registrations. We have no cancellation fees. We make our money by charging clients $49 a year to be their registered agent. We just want our address off all your records if you don’t want to pay us anymore. You can easily cancel in your online account at any time.
  • Mail-forwarding services are only available to clients who sign up specifically for mail-forwarding. If you hire us only as your registered agent, we are limited to receiving and forwarding items covered under Montana registered agent statutes only and registering a vehicle with the Flathead DMV.
  • No refunds after we’ve filed a company or done a registration service for you.
  • You can use our address for the MT SOS records, and any records needed for registering vehicles in Montana. This includes DMV and insurance registrations

Auto-Pay Election

Our services are billed via an automatic payment feature for Business Renewals and Resident Agent Services unless you choose to opt out within your client account. Clients that opt-out will be invoiced. Customers enrolling in our Virtual Office services must enroll in monthly automatic payments. All accounts using auto-payment must provide us with valid and updated credit card information and when doing so authorize us to charge such credit card for all purchased services and applicable fees that come about during the duration of all initial service terms, and any following renewal term(s).

Specifics Regarding Auto-Pay Features

  • All auto-payments will be charged to the credit/debit card on file for the business entity or person. It is the responsibility of the user to keep their card information current and valid or possibly be subject the stipulations outlined below.
  • All auto-payment charges will be preceded by a notification to your online account notifying the user of the impending charge at least 3 days before the charge date.
  • Annual renewals will be automatically charged for one year after the initial charge date unless services are canceled or Auto-pay is opted out of within five days of the next charge date.
  • Virtual Office subscribers must use our auto-payment feature and all accounts will be charged every 30 days following the initial charge.
  • All Auto-Payments services must be canceled at least 3 days before the next charge date to avoid paying for the next month of subscription service, or year of annual service. All cancellations are handled through the user’s online account for security purposes.
  • Annual auto-pay charges that fail to process will be rendered an unpaid invoice in the user’s online account and subject to all fees and procedures outlined in this agreement.
  • Subscription or monthly auto-pay charges that fail to process will result in the cancellation of all Virtual Office services and features.