Montana RV LLC

The Best Montana RV LLC Package in the West

What does our Montana LLC package include?

  • DMV fees? Check!
  • Montana LLC Formation Fees? Oh yah.
  • Our Registered Agent Service Fee? You bet it does.

Montana is a great place to license your motor home, RV, travel trailer, truck, automobile, hauling trailer, aircraft, boat, motorcycle, adventure van, party bus… you name it. Why? Because Montana has no sales tax. It’s especially nice if you’re a full time traveler. Are you living that #vanlife? You can form a domestic Montana LLC with our address and hold your vehicles and assets in the Montana LLC. This means that you don’t actually need a “home.” Your Montana LLC will be a “resident” of Montana, giving it the right to register your house-on-wheels here in Montana.

Another perk: we are located in Flathead County. Flathead county is the best county for vehicle registration because it has no excise tax. Nearly every other county in Montana does. As you registered agent, we save you money on every front. Not a whole lot of other registered agent companies can promise you that.

How to Use a Montana LLC to Buy an RV Tax-Free

You need to “reside” in Montana to register a motorhome here. So for decades, many savvy RV owners have formed Montana LLCs. By forming a Montana LLC, that LLC is a resident of this state and can own and register vehicles here in MT. You control the LLC, the LLC owns an RV. Here’s the process of using a Montana LLC to purchase a motorhome tax-free:

  1. Form a Montana Limited Liability Company.
  2. Purchase the Motorhome in your new MT LLC’s name and using your registered agent’s address.
  3. Send your RV purchase paperwork to your Montana LLC service provider.
  4. Have your MT LLC service company register your RV and mail you back your registration and license plate.
  5. Maintain a MT registered agent.
  6. File your $20 annual report to the MT SOS every April 15th. (Annual Report filing fees waived in 2024.)
  7. Either pay the DMV direct online and the renewal registration will come every year, or pay your MT LLC service provider to do it for you.
  8. You can always buy tow vehicles, scooters, or trade your RV for a new one with the MT LLC.
Get Started With a Tax-Free RV LLC

What is the Best Address for a Montana RV LLC?

Not all addresses for sale are created equal. For example, take a look at our competition. Type any address into Google and take a look at the street view option. You can see the actual buildings. You’ll see virtual offices in Helena, strip malls in Missoula, and residential homes in the middle of nowhere. Or, you’ll see attorneys from all over the state, listing a relative’s or a random person’s address here in Flathead County to get the cheaper pricing. We see Craigslist ads all the time from our competitors looking for people in Flathead County willing to let them use their address. So you pay a professional over $1,000 and you get an address they found on Craiglist? Sounds like a bad deal to us.

Here’s what we’re about: we are a commercial location, own our own building, and specialize in Montana RV LLCs. When forming an LLC in Montana, it’s a good idea to consider legitimacy. The whole theory is that you are forming a Montana business.  The Montana business (LLC) owns assets such as a motor-home or vehicle. Because Montana does not have business personal property tax on assets that are licensed, you pay no sales tax, just a licensing fee. Do you think your Montana LLC should be at a residential address, a one-room suite in a big downtown building, or in a strip mall?

There are a lot of websites out there “specializing” in Montana LLCs for holding companies, charging way more than we do. You can go to Google Maps street view search and type in the address they are giving you to see an actual picture of what the address looks like. All you have to do is click on the “street view” option. Google has gone through our entire country and driven the streets taking photographs of basically everything. While this is annoyingly invasive of our privacy, it offers a valuable tool to really see who you are dealing with very quickly. So, if you are forming a legitimate Montana LLC to buy vehicles and RVs under, please use a commercial building.

Many websites are side-businesses where people give you their home address for your Montana RV LLC—lawyers that have full-time practices but give out their home address to form an LLC here and there on the side. You’re forming a Montana LLC and you’re using a residential address? That just doesn’t make a lot of sense to us, and frankly, we find it insulting to our profession. We are a Montana business services business. This is all we do, every day, ALL DAY. We form Montana LLCs and corporations, and we act as a registered agent. We don’t go work somewhere else and have side business Montana LLC websites for Montana RV LLCs.

What Does it Cost to Form a MT LLC for an RV?

Your initial cost if you use us is $1,049 total, and that includes DMV fees and everything. That includes forming your MT LLC in 1 day. It includes custom Articles of Organization created especially for RV buyers. It also includes resolutions, operating agreement, membership certificates, and DMV fees.

We are typically faster than all our competition in turn-around time—and we’re cheaper, too.

* Key tax notes for owners of electric, plug-in, or luxury vehicles:

  • Starting July 1, 2023, a new Electric Tax of $70-$1,100 is being added by the State Legislature for Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles. The tax amount is based on the type of vehicle (electric or plug-in) as well as the vehicle weight (divided into 4 “classes” of vehicle based on gross weight).
  • Our fee does not include Montana’s new luxury tax that is charged by the state on motor homes and RVS with an original MSRP at or above $300,000. 

What Will it Cost to Keep an RV Registered in Montana?

We only charge $49 a year to be your registered agent—WAY less than most others. All LLCs are required to have a registered agent, and this is why we have a business.

  • You’ll owe the MT Secretary of State $20 every April 15th—we’ll send you reminders to pay direct. Or, we can file on your behalf for $50 plus the state fee.
  • You’ll pay the DMV direct every year like you’re used to when your registration runs out. OR, if you want to have us do it for you, we charge $100 for renewals plus your DMV fees. We get your renewal notice and scan and email it to you with instructions to pay direct online or have us do it on your behalf.

Flathead DMV Renewal Fees for Motor Homes and RVs

Age of Motor Home/TV Fee
0-2 Years $320.00
2-5 Years $224.25
5-9 Years $132.50
8-11 Years $97.50
11+ Years $237.50 for a permanent license plate
Get a 1-Day MT RV LLC

Benefits of Using a Montana LLC to Own an RV:

  • Remain anonymous. When you hire us to form your Montana LLC, we keep your personal name off public record.
  • Keep your license plate information private. Anyone can look up a license plate number and get the same and address of who the vehicle is licensed to. If you have a Montana LLC own your RV or motor home, they find your company name and address.  License plate lookup. Anyone can look up a license plate number and get the name and address of who that vehicle is registered to. The privacy of this alone is worth the whole process.
  • It’s time to play with the rules the rich created. Loopholes, loopholes, loopholes. Our laws are written by people who have the money to buy lobbyists–people who basically buy and sell laws that they have interest in. The middle class gets stuck playing with the rules the rich have written for themselves. You finally have a loophole now that you can use to make the cost of owning and RV less.
  • Data. If you own an RV in your personal name, your personal name gets associated with assets. Data aggregating companies will get your data from public registrations, associate you with a certain amount of assets, and sell your information over and over and over again, so that company after company can proposition you with offers to buy stuff. By not owning an RV personally, you can keep your personal name from being associated with assets, and you will reduce the amount of solicitations you would get otherwise.

Cost Savings Analysis

RV Model Cost Sales Tax (6%) $1,049 Montana LLC Savings
Prevost $1.5 million $90,000 $88,951
Foretravel FS6 $700,000 $42,000 $40,951
2020 Newell Coach p50 $2.5 million $150,000 $148,951
Winnebago Sunstar $136,258 $8,175.48 $7,126.48
Newmar Essex $764,430 $45,865.80 $44,817.80

* All motor homes with an original MSRP at or above $300,000 are now subject to Montana’s new luxury tax of $800. 


How Long Will it Take to Register an RV in Montana?

If you’re using us, you place your order, and your MT LLC will be formed the same day. You can then purchase your RV in your LLC’s name, overnight us the titlework, and we’ll get your plates and registration and overnight it all back to you.

Why is Our Montana RV LLC Different? 

  1. We form your MT LLC without getting your personal names on record with the MT SOS.
  2. We register your RV with the DMV without you having to sign the DMV registration.
  3. We don’t charge you extra for any of this. We think it’s a scam if people try to charge you more for privacy and asset protection, when it doesn’t cost anything if you just understand how LLCs work.
  4. You will never be sold a bunch of extra stuff you don’t need.
  5. We understand Montana LLCs. This is all we do.
  6. Operating agreement, resolutions, membership certificates. It’s all there. We don’t charge extra.
  7. Commercial Montana LLC address. Don’t get stuck with a residential home address for your RV LLC.

Take a look at our MT RV LLC signup form. There’s no hidden fees or add-ons. There are some Montana websites looking to get rich off high one-time fees. We have a different approach: Do it right, do it well, do it for a fair price, and your customers will keep coming back and refer you to someone else. Honestly, we get about 1-2 referrals a day from people that met one of our clients at an RV campground. We also get a consistent flow of new clients that already have a Montana RV LLC and switch to us for our cheaper registered agent service to maintain the LLC.

Why is $49 Montana Registered Agent Cheaper Than Everyone Else? 

Does this mean that we offer lower quality? Heck no! Here’s why we can offer you the best service at a lower price:

  • No up-sells. Other websites will try to up-sell you for things like privacy and same-day processing. Because of our knowledge and expertise in LLC formation, we know that we can keep your privacy secure by default. We will never try to take advantage of you using fancy terminology and scummy sales ploys.
  • We’re not lawyers. Now don’t let this freak you out. We feel that there’s a lot of benefits to getting legal advice. But we also know you you may not need the full lawyer experience. You can either pay upwards of $2,000 to hire a Montana lawyer to give you all the advice you could ever want. Or, you can hire a MT LLC service like ours for $1,049 that specializes in LLC formation. Whatever you choose, PLEASE don’t pay something in the middle for bad legal advise or an overly priced LLC formation service. That’s just silly. We can help you with LLC formation, but we might not be able to help with your poor decision making skills.
  • We’re process-oriented people. We live and breathe logistics like it’s our job. We process hundreds of documents and legal service of process paperwork all day, every day for our registered agent clients… and we like it!
  • We are actually here in the Big Sky State. Many websites selling RV LLCs are people that own a domain name and get your lead and sell it to the next shady company. Or–worse, they process it out of state and have to hire someone like us in Montana. This costs you extra money. We’re right here, doing a better job… and for cheaper!
  • This isn’t a side gig or a weekend hustle. Many lawyers have law practices and treat something like this as side income. This is our full-time work and we take customer satisfaction seriously.
$1,049 Total MT RV LLC

Will My Name Be On Record With the Montana Secretary of State? 

Not if you hire us. We keep your information off public record with the MT SOS, the MVD, and the DMV.

What if I Already Bought the RV in My Personal Name? 

We may be able to fix this. Once you submit the documents from your purchase, we will draft papers for you to sign, email them to you, and then you can mail the signed originals back to us. This might delay the process a little bit, but this hitch can often be overcome.

How Will I Get Montana RV LLC Insurance? 

Plenty of insurance companies can write policies for your Montana RV LLC. We recommend you start by checking with your current insurance company first. We’re also happy to furnish a list of providers that our clients have successfully insured their Montana registered RVs under.

Can I Form a Montana RV LLC with a Lien On My RV?

You can form a Montana RV LLC with a lien on your RV, but it probably won’t do much good. If you have a lien or are financing, please call us before you submit your order.

Should I Get a Montana RV LLC Bank Account?

Alright, truth time: this is one of dumbest sell-ups we see from competitors. There is absolutely zero reason to get a Montana bank to open a bank account for you. In fact, we think that if anyone ever tried to explain why they thought you needed to do that, they would look super sketchy.

Here’s another fact: you do not need an EIN to open a bank account in your Montana LLC’s name. Again, many Montana LLC service websites will sell this as an option, just to get more money out of you. We personally think that you shouldn’t get an EIN and that it’s actually not a beneficial thing for you to do. We don’t see any problem with getting a bank account under your company’s name. It’s not necessary, but it allows you to track your RV expenses and keep your personal name off of some additional records. But the process is much more simple than some companies would have you believe. You just go to your local bank and open up a free LLC bank account with your social security number. Most small business bank accounts do not have a monthly fee associated with them and they never have a fee to open them so don’t let some shady company convince you otherwise.

Should I Get a Montana Driver’s License to Register My RV?

We definitely don’t condone this. This is flat out lying to Montana, and we are fundamentally opposed. Why on earth would you ruin a process of legally forming a Montana LLC (and doing it completely legally in Montana) by lying to Montana about your personal residence? Montana has personal income tax also, so it’s a horrible state to establish personal residency in if you’re not going to live here. There are mail forwarding services in Florida, Texas, and South Dakota where there’s no personal income tax, and from our understanding, specific laws made to accommodate full-time RV people. In no way, shape or form does Montana have laws to allow you to lie about your personal residence and get a Montana drivers license if you don’t live here.

Also, there’s really no reason to get one.

Do I Need to Get the RV or Motor Home Inspected to Register it in Montana?

No, you typically do not have to get your RV or motor home inspected to register it in Montana.

Is it Legal to Buy an RV or Motor Home in a Montana LLC?

The practice of buying an RV in a Montana LLC is widely accepted. It’s perfectly legal in Montana, though it may not be in your home county. Buying a RV, motor home, or converted van in a Montana LLC is a very good option for people who don’t claim residency anywhere or live anywhere. It would massively disrupt the entire way corporations and LLCs work to not allow LLCs to be formed for the sole purpose of owning something and avoiding taxes.

Here’s a great case where the Louisiana Supreme Court made a decision that a Montana LLC can be formed for the sole purpose of avoiding sales tax, and the Louisiana Department of Revenue could not pierce the corporate veil of the Montana LLC. Check out the Montana RV LLC Louisiana ruling.

Buying an RV with a MT LLC is a good option for people living close to state borders where you could store your RV in a state you don’t reside in. Many counties have rules that say something along the lines of, “If you keep your RV here for so many days, you need to license it here.” In most counties, that time restraint is about six months.

The reality is that most of our clients don’t really care and will never get in trouble. They have been getting screwed by the laws that make the rich richer and the middle class poorer. They might think it’s cool to finally play a little legal tax avoidance game like the rich people do… and we wouldn’t blame them.

What Section of the Montana Code is Vehicle Licensing Governed By? 

Vehicle licensing in Montana is governed by Section 61 of the Montana Code Annotated.

This section of code states that RV and motor home owners pay a license fee in lieu of taxes. Montana RV and motor home owners pay the license fee based off of the year, not the value. The only exception to this rule is the local county option motor vehicle tax that almost every county has… except ours. If you’re looking at a competitor of ours in Helena, Missoula, Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls, or basically anywhere other than Flathead County, they have around 1% of the suggested retail value county vehicle option tax on the total purchase price of your vehicle. This can really add up if you have an expensive vehicle! Our county, Flathead county, is one of the better financed counties and does not charge this tax. Using All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC to set up your LLC in our county for $300 will allow you to have the cheapest ongoing DMV fees.

We hear stories from people who just want to buy a motor home and enjoy the summer or retirement, and then they find out after they purchase it that they can’t even afford to license it in their home state. Some may think of us as helping people avoid taxes and get away with not paying up to Uncle Sam, but we feel honored each and every day to help retired people get to fulfill their dream of traveling the country and seeing this great nation. When they go to buy a $200,000 motor home, they find out it will cost them $16,000 to register it, and $8,000 a year to keep it. When they hire us and find out that it will only cost them $1,049 to register and about $360 a year to keep it, they are elated. If those other states don’t like that people are finding work around to avoid their price gouging, they should get a little more competitive and step up their game like our great state of Montana.

What Are the Tax Implementations of an RV LLC?

Montana has business personal property and income tax. This means that if we buy a computer for our office for $1,000, we pay 1.9% of the value on the computer every year on our business personal property tax return. On top of that, we also pay about 6.9% net income tax on the profits of our business to the State of Montana. If that wasn’t enough, we also have our regular federal income taxes.

The real point of what you are thinking about doing is simplicity, right? So if you ONLY hold assets in the Montana LLC that are titled, you should not have a business personal property tax return with the State of Montana or Flathead County. Also… you won’t have a net income tax to Montana or the IRS for the company, because you’re not operating your Montana LLC to earn money or make income. Now you could go and file zero returns every year for these companies, but that would be a pain. If there’s no activity, the worst case scenario is, way down the road, you have to file some zero returns. You SHOULD NOT get a tax ID number with the IRS for a Montana RV LLC holding company. You’re only forming a legitimate Montana business (a Montana LLC) to license a vehicle in. We think one of the important things about doing this with us as your Montana registered agent is that your address will be a commercial address, not a residential home.

Out of the many thousands of Montana RV LLC clients we have, we have never heard of a single client having to file a zero tax return with Montana or the IRS. Some of our competitors will try to sell you a service to file a zero dollar tax return or notices of non-business activity with the MT Department of Revenue. You don’t need this and you are just getting sold extras you don’t need.

So, How Do I Get Started?

Here’s the run down on how to get started on forming your MT RV LLC:

  1. Hire us.
  2. We form your LLC in one day.
  3. We upload instructions to your secure online account on how to handle buying an RV with your LLC.
  4. Overnight us your title work (or have the dealer send it).
  5. We’ll register your RV or motor home and ship your Montana plates directly to you.

That’s it! That’s the process! A pretty simple way to save literally thousands, huh?