Montana Travel Trailer Registration

Purchasing a nice travel trailer in a Montana LLC might be the best deal out there.

Montana travel trailers are governed by the section 61-3-321(9)(a) of the Montana Code Annotated.

Montana allows for permanent licensing of travel trailers in lieu of sales tax.

We offer our full service trailer registration service for $449, and that includes the Flathead County DMV fee. We get your plate and registration the same day and overnight back to you via UPS. Your title will take 4 to 8 weeks for DMV to process and deliver.

For the nuts and bolts of registering the travel trailer, please see our Montana vehicle registration page.

For $300 we will form a Montana LLC in one day for you. We have and include custom drafted Articles of Organization for Montana holding companies, a custom LLC operating agreement, the state filing fees, and one year of our $49 a year Montana registered agent service.

That means you’ll have a permanently licensed Montana travel trailer for $449 and we will handle the registration, plates and title all on your behalf. If you ever want to sell it, it will already be licensed for your buyer. All they or we have to do is file an amendment with the MT SOS to change the member to the new buyer, and they already have a permanently licensed trailer.

If we set up a Montana LLC to own your travel trailer, we charge $49 a year for the Montana registered agent service, and you have a $20 MT SOS annual report fee.

If you’d like immediate service you can sign up here: