Montana Vehicle Registration Renewal

We can take care of your Montana registration renewal for your vehicle. Current customers can sign up for renewal services through their secure online account.

If you’re a new customer looking to purchase and register your vehicle sales tax-free, you’ve come to the right place. You can order our Montana LLC Vehicle Plan and you’ll have the option to choose automatic renewal (or permanent plates, depending on the vehicle).

Order a Montana Vehicle LLC Plan Today

Why use us for your Montana MVD vehicle registration?

We act as an intermediary. If you’ve used us to form your Montana LLC and register your vehicles, your names and addresses have probably never hit the public record. In the past we’ve always tried to help you save as much money as possible by showing you how to do everything yourself. (We still will always do this.)

Now, with our renewal services, we will act as your intermediary year after year. We’ll renew your Montana Secretary of State renewal for the LLC and renew the MVD registration so that your names, credit card information, IP address, browser information, and location are never stored in a public database.

In an age of your data becoming less and less secure, we want to offer our intermediary services to help reduce the exposure of your personal data to as many places as possible. We care deeply about the security of our clients private information.

What will it cost?

We charge $125 plus state fees (which depend on the type of vehicle) for annual license plate renewal. To keep your LLC active and in compliance, we charge $70 to file your annual report and $49 per year for registered agent services after the first year.

How do I have you take care of this?

Easy! There are a few ways to have us take care of your Montana vehicle LLC registration for you:

  1. You are brand new to Montana vehicle LLCs. If you’re thinking about forming a Montana LLC to purchase your vehicle, check out our Montana Vehicle LLC Plan. When you sign up, you’ll have the option to choose automatic renewal (or permanent plates, depending on the vehicle). Or you can just place your order below and we’ll get started on your Montana vehicle LLC today.
  2. You have an LLC already. Already formed an LLC? That’s fine! We’re happy to help you register your vehicle. All you have to do is order our $49/year registered agent services and you can add renewal registration through your online account (or permanent plates, depending on the vehicle).
  3. You want to switch to our registered agent services. If you currently have a registered agent, we walk you through how to change registered agents so that we can handle your vehicle registration renewal and LLC maintenance.
  4. You are already a client. You can order renewal services through your online account.

We charge $125 plus MVD fees to automatically take care of everything to ensure your  Montana vehicle LLC is in compliance. You will receive an MVD renewal notice from us through your secure online account once the state has issued your renewal, and we will forward the original to the address listed on your account.