Montana Business Registration

A lot of Montana state, county, education, and city agencies require you to be registered with the Montana Secretary of State just to submit a bid.  If you win the contract, you will ultimately have to get registered anyway.

This was first implemented as a way to try to help the local guys get the business!!

Obtaining a certificate of authority can be done very quickly unless you’re from a home state that does not get certificates of good standing to us on an expedited basis.

We can have your company registered in under 1 hour as long as we can get a certificate of good standing from your home state of incorporation or organization quickly.  Wyoming for instance, produces the certificates of good standing online and for free.  But some States such as California and Delaware cost a lot and take some time.

We offer foreign qualification service and are BY FAR, the fastest way to get registered to do business in Montana.  No one even comes close to our speed.  You don’t even have to wait to get forms from us to sign.  You electronically can sign our one page sign up form, and have your company registered with a certificate of authority to do business in Montana in 1 hour.