Montana Annual Report

The Montana Secretary of State requires every entity registered to file an annual report every April 15th.

The report is not a financial report.

For LLCs:

  • You have to recheck the member/manager info.
  • Your registered agent info.
  • ou can update your principal address and mailing address

For Corporations:

  • You check over your Directors and Officers information.
  • Your registered agent information is required.
  • You can also update your mailing address and principal address info.

You CAN change your Montana registered agent right on the report.  If you file online, you just select our name: All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC from the drop down menu, and it will change the agent to us right away.

As your registered agent, we send you multiple reminders to file your annual reports on time so you don’t incur late fees from the state or get dissolved.

You can file your Montana Annual Report online, just click the Business Name search tab, and it will prompt you through the filing. It only costs $20 and processes instantly. Note: The 2024 Annual Report filing fee has been waived for all Montana businesses.

Even if you are late, you can still file online and your Montana Business status will update instantly.