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This form is only for Montana businesses. If you are setting up an LLC to license vehicles in Montana, please use the VEHICLE REGISTRATION LLC form.

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You are required to file an annual report by April 15th each year to remain in good standing with the state. Whoever files this report will have their information permanently listed on the public record. When we file for you, we first send you a reminder notice when your due date approaches. Closer to the due date, we automatically file your annual report and charge your card $70, which includes the state's $20 filing fee and our $50 service fee. You can cancel this service at any time with 1 click in your online account.

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We will obtain a 406 MT phone number and forward it to your phone.

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This is NOT needed for our LLC, registered agent, and vehicle registration clients. WE include all DMV papers, plates, titles, random things like insurance documents, and what you need to register vehicles in Montana in all our packages and annual $49 registered agent service fee. This option is if you'd like us to provide you a unique to you suite number at our office that will be only for you. You can use this to update your address with whatever you want. This is a great option for Full Time RVers. We'll scan all your mail to you the same day. Simply yearly pricing. It's all included, and you'll get your mail scanned to you the same day we receive it.

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  • 1 Year of Registered Agent Service$49
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