How to Purchase Your U.S. Car as a Canadian

We get a lot of Canadian clients that travel in the states a lot.  We hear about their frustrations crossing the borders with their Canadian cars.

The Montana LLC is a pretty good solution for a lot of Canadians.  Though not so good for some as well.

If you’re looking at buying a car in America, it will be easier to form a Montana LLC, so that the Montana LLC buys and owns the car not you a foreign citizen.

A lot of our Canadian clients simply keep their vehicle registered and titled in Montana under the Montana LLC name.  Where Canadians run into problems is re-registering the vehicle in Canada.  Then you basically pay all the higher Canadian taxes.

Some of our Canadian clients even store their vehicles in self storage units here, fly into Kalispell International, and then drive their Montana LLC vehicles while on vacation.

Here are a couple storage units we recommend that are close to the airport:

Here’s a couple taxi services from the Airport:

  • Jim’s Taxi: 406-890-8920
  • Kalispell Taxi and Airport Shuttle: 406-752-4022
  • Kalispell Taxi: 406-752-7433
  • Drive 4U: 406-212-7361

Here’s a link to Glacier International Airport:

If you would like help setting up your Montana LLC for your vehicle, we only charge $100 to do the filing for you:

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