$800 TOTAL Montana RV LLC package

Our Montana RV LLC package includes DMV fees, MT LLC fees, our service fees, and you’ll have your Montana RV registration in 3 days.

Montana is a great place to license your motor-home, RV, travel trailer, trucks, automobiles, trailers, aircraft, boats, or any type of vehicle. Montana has no sales tax. You can form a domestic Montana LLC with our address, and hold your vehicles and assets in the Montana LLC. We are located in the Flathead County. Flathead County is the cheapest county in Montana to license your vehicles in.  The other two most popular locations have a county excise tax.  You have to have an address in Flathead County to license your vehicles, motor-homes, or RVs in it. If you sign up with another service that is in another county, you might be faced with higher annual fees to keep your license up.

A big thing to consider is the legitimacy of what you are doing.  The whole theory is that you are forming a Montana business.  The Montana business (LLC) owns assets such as a motor-home or vehicle.  Because Montana does not have business personal property tax on assets that are licensed, you pay no sales tax, just a licensing fee.

There are a lot of websites out there specializing in Montana LLCs for holding companies, but what we’ve found is that most of those are giving you a residential address.  You can go to http://maps.google.com and type in the address they are giving you to see an actual picture of what the address looks like.  All you have to do is click on the “street view” option.  Google has gone through our entire country and driven the streets taking photographs of basically everything.  While this is annoyingly invasive of our privacy, it offers a valuable tool to really see who you are dealing with very quickly.  So, if you are forming a legitimate Montana LLC, don’t you think your address should be a commercial address?

Those websites are more than likely side-businesses where people give you their home address as yours.  Now if you think about it…You’re forming a Montana LLC and you’re using a residential address?  That doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?  Because we are a Montana business services business first, these Montana LLC holding companies are just an extra part of what we do.  All we do is form Montana LLCs and Corporations.  Our entire business is acting as a registered agent.  We don’t go work somewhere and have a side-business Montana LLC website for Montana RV LLCs.

Let’s explore the Montana LLC for RVs a little farther.  Montana has business personal property tax and income tax.  So if we buy a computer for $1000 from Dell, we pay 1.9% of the value of that every year on our business personal property tax return.  We also pay about a 6.9% net income tax on our profits of our business to the State of Montana.  Then we have our federal income taxes.

The real point of what you are thinking about doing is simplicity right?  So if you ONLY hold assets in the Montana LLC that are titled, you should not have a business personal property tax return with the State of Montana.  Also… you won’t have a net income tax to Montana or the IRS for the company.  Now you could go and file zero returns every year for these companies, but that would be a pain.  If there’s no activity, the worst case scenario is way down the road, you have to file some zero returns.  You’re not getting a tax ID number with the IRS for a Montana RV LLC holding company.  You’re only forming a legitimate Montana business (a Montana LLC) to license a vehicle in.  We think one of the important things about doing this with us as your Montana registered agent is that your address will be a commercial address, not a residential home.

Is it legal in your home state? Now that’s a great question.  The best thing for you to do is to call your local county DMV and ask them how long the vehicle can sit inside your county without leaving it before they require you to register it there.  Most counties have a six-month rule.  But let’s be honest here.  If you’re even looking at this, you’re probably getting screwed over by your local county with insanely high fees and personal property tax.  You’re probably willing to even store the RV or vehicle outside the county to get away from paying all those high fees.  The Montana RV LLC is absolutely perfect for full-timers that don’t actually live anywhere.  By holding the RV in an LLC, you are really solving the problem of where to license an RV.

We personally inspect your information and form your Montana RV LLC correctly, the first time. We don’t have hidden fees that pop up after you spend 15 minutes filling out a form. Its $100 plus $70 state fee for an LLC. That’s it.

There are some Montana websites looking to get rich off high one-time fees. We have a different approach; do it right, do it well, do it for a fair price, and your customers will keep coming back and refer you to someone else.  Honestly, we get about 1-2 referrals a day from people that met one of our clients at a RV campground.  We also get a consistent flow of new clients that already have a Montana RV LLC and switch to us for our cheaper registered agent service to maintain the LLC.

So How Do You Get Started?

  1. Fill out the sign up form, pay, and we’ll call or email you with any questions.
  2. We’ll have your MT Vehicle LLC formed in one day.
  3. We’ll email you the filed articles, resolutions, and operating agreement within two days as well as always store them in your online account. We’ll also mail you original copies.
  4. After we’ve formed your LLC, you can register vehicles yourself direct with the DMV by following our step by step MT DMV registration page.
  5. If you send in the DMV paperwork yourself or if you have us do it for you, there’s no lag time. You’ll get the plates and registration couriered back to you right away.
  6. The title comes about a month later to our address and we forward the original title on to you. We scan it first so you know as soon as we get it.

That’s it!


  1. You can pay the DMV direct online. There’s no reason to pay anyone besides the Montana DMV.

Montana Registered Agent LLC, and other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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this is from the other page:


The practice of buying an RV in a Montana LLC is widely accepted. It’s perfectly legal in Montana, though it may not be in your home State. This is a very good option for full time RV people and out of country people who don’t live anywhere and don’t have residency anywhere.

Buying a RV in a Montana LLC allows the LLC to purchase and license the RV in Montana, where there is no sales tax and very low licensing fees. Our county does not have excise tax. If you use a registered agent in Helena or Missoula, you will have to pay excise tax. There also is no personal property tax on assets that are licensed because the state and county are making money off the fees. Personal property tax is a double tax, and many states get mad at Montana for offering low registration fees, no sales tax, and no personal property tax for assets that are licensed. Montana people generally feel that less is more. Less complicated and less red tape means we are all better off. If other states that screw over their residents would take a lesson from Montana and just charge a normal acceptable fee, their residents would not need to look for alternatives to buy an RV in a tax free LLC. We hear stories from people that just want a motor home and find out after they purchase it, that they can’t even afford to license it in their home state.

Vehicle licensing in Montana is governed by Section 61 of the Montana Code Annotated.

It states that RVs pay a license fee in lieu of taxes.

Montana RVs pay the license fee based off of the year, not the value. The only exception is the local county option motor vehicle tax that some counties like Helena or Missoula have. These counties usually charge about 1-2% of the suggested retail value. Our county, Flathead county, is one of the better financed counties and does not charge this tax. Using All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC to set up your LLC in our county for $294.00 will allow you to have the cheapest ongoing DMV fees.

Our initial one time DMV registration service will cost you $550 for a RV and that includes the DMV plate and registration fees. So you’re looking at a total of $844 nuts to bolts for your Montana RV in a LLC. The LLC will be done in 1 day and we’ll get you the plates and registration in 1-3 days after we get the original old title or certificate of origin from you.

Then your ongoing fees direct with the Flathead DMV will be:

Flathead DMV Fees
0-2 years old $282.50
2-5 years old $224.25
5-9 years old $132.50
8-11 years old $97.50
Over 11 years old * Can get permanent license plate for $237.50
* This is the best option for people with older RVs. When you want to sell your motor home, you can just transfer the ownership of the LLC at the Montana Secretary of State for $15.00 and the person you sell the RV to will have a permanently licensed Montana RV.

When we set up your LLC for you, it will be done in 1-3 days, and includes custom articles of organization for Montana RV LLCs, custom LLC operating agreement for Montana RV LLC’s, and 1 year of our $49 Montana registered agent service.

You will need insurance. Read about Insuring Your RV in Montana.