Common Montana DMV Mistakes

We’ve made this page, not to make fun of you… Just to try to catch your attention and hopefully save you some frustration of sending in title-work incorrectly. Our goal is to see your transactions happen as smoothly and easily as possible!

Dumbest things people do when sending in paperwork to the DMV:

  • They don’t send in the title with the application. (Some people are scared to send a title, but there’s no way to get your new title without the old one.)
  • Not getting signature notarized if the form asks for it. (Go down to your bank and get your signature notarized if the form asks for it!)
  • Calling your color: Slate, clear smoke midnight black. (If it’s black, call it black; if it’s a type of white, call it white.)
  • Not marking A, B, or C for type of motor-home.
  • Sending in a credit card that will get declined for lack of money.
  • Sending in your title-work to the State DMV instead of the Flathead County DMV.
  • Calling the flathead DMV and being rude to them.