Montana LLC Operating Agreement Template

Our simple Montana LLC operating agreement is written by our attorney to give to our clients to use for general Montana businesses, and especially Montana holding companies.

Our Montana Limited Liability Operating Agreement is written according to the Montana Code Annotated title 35, Chapter 8, the Montana Limited Liability Company Act.

It can be used for single member, multiple members, and/or manager managed Montana LLCs.

For your convenience, we’ve spent a lot of time to write it in the manner to get it down to 7 pages, and not have 100 blanks you need to fill in. All you have to do is enter your company name at the top, the members at the bottom on the last page, and sign. (You should read it over and understand what you’re signing before you sign it.)

This operating agreement is not meant to substitute proper legal counsel. If you have real specific needs you’re concerned about, consulting with a licensed Montana Lawyer is always going to be your best option. All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC continually strives to be the single best resource for Montana businesses, and thus have had our attorney’s write this for you, our clients. We can’t answer questions about it, because we’re not lawyers and answering legal questions should be left to a Montana attorney.

Now that the legal mumbo jumbo is out of the way… Our Montana LLC operating agreement covers some important items like:

1.5: The business purpose is written to protect and authorize specific transactions like holding and owning assets in the LLC.

8.1 And 8.2: The use and management of the LLC for the members and managers using the assets the LLC owns.

It also covers the basics like:

  • Company formation of a Montana LLC
  • the Montana registered agent and Montana registered office address
  • the perpetual term on the Montana LLC
  • the principal place of business of the Montana LLC
  • the continuance
  • how to admit additional members in Montana
  • the initial contributions for members
  • profits and losses
  • distributions
  • powers of managers
  • indemnification of members and managers
  • records of the Montana LLC
  • and assignments.

I think you will find this one of the best Montana LLC operating agreements out there, and in the plainest, most concise language that makes sense. Best of all… It’s free.