Montana Annual Report Service

You will be required to file an annual report for any business entity with the Montana Secretary of State every April 15th. Montana Registered Agent sends you free reminders of this if you use our registered agent services.

For only $70.00, we take care of filing your annual report and the state fees for you. You will then never have to worry about keeping your name and company active in Montana. You won’t have to worry about your company getting administratively dissolved by the Montana Secretary of State.

If you forget your annual report, there are late fees, and re-instatement fees. If you have multiple entities, this can be a tedious task to remember all the dates, and information to keep your Montana Corporation or Montana LLC in good standing. If you use our services for multiple entries, you’ll be able to see all the Montana entities you have with us in your online account with us.

The Montana Secretary of State annual reports are due every April 15th for the year after you initially file. This means, if you form a Montana company in February, it’s NOT due on April 15th of that year, but the next year.  You can always track your annual report due dates with your registered agent service account.  As your Montana registered agent, we send you reminders to file your Montana annual reports and links inside your online account to help you file them. You can file your Montana annual report online yourself for $20 (this filing fee has been waived for 2024), or you can pay our $70.00 Montana annual report service and we’ll file it for you. This service includes us paying the Montana annual report filing fee.

Even if you only have one business, you don’t want to have to worry about meeting requirement dates. You want to focus on what makes you money.

Our fees are low enough that our clients love this service because most of them would make more money at their business with their time, or employee’s time, than the time it would take them to keep up with the Montana annual reports. We include the Montana annual report State fee in this service. So we are only really charging $50.00 for our time to file for you.

Even if you are your own Montana registered agent, we can provide this service for you.