Montana LLC Asset Protection

How a Basic Montana LLC Works

A Montana LLC is pretty anonymous to start with. Members (owners) of the LLC and its managers do not show up on the Secretary of State website. Online business name searches reveal the name of the LLC, the registered agent and office, and the principal business address. That’s it.

When we form an LLC for you, we will list our registered office address as the principal business address. If we form it as a manager-managed LLC, then the names of members will not be listed on the Articles of Organization.

This means that if someone wants more information on your LLC, they will have to order a certified copy of your Articles of Organization. Or the Secretary of State would have to decide to put more information on their website.

The Montana DMV does not release information about vehicles registered to a Montana LLC (not without a court order or legal reason, such as a request by a state official).

In other words, your information is pretty safe already, unless someone wants to put in a little more effort.

How to Be Overly Anonymous

To achieve complete anonymity, All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC has designed a business formation strategy that will keep your private information entirely out of the public record. We call this the Overly Anonymous LLC.

The way it works is simple: instead of creating one LLC, we create two. When Company A is created, we list the sole member as Company B. When Company B is created, we list the sole member as Company A. The two companies own each other.

This is perfectly legal and not as strange as it sounds. In fact, it is a common, everyday occurrence in the business world.

The reason for two LLCs is simple. Anyone searching for information about the ownership of either company will only find two pieces of information: the name of another company and the principal business address (our registered office address). Neither of these pieces of information can be traced to you.

How Do I Prove That I Own These Companies?

Ownership is determined in each LLC’s operating agreement. In the the operating agreement for Company B, you will note that the LLC is owned by Company A. In the operating agreement for Company A, you will note that you are the sole member and owner. In this way, you completely control both LLCs.

Overly Anonymous LLC: The Price

We charge $600 to set up an Overly Anonymous LLC (that includes the cost of forming both companies). You also receive our Montana registered agent service for both LLCs.