Montana Insurance License Requirements

Do I need a license to sell, negotiate or evaluate insurance in Montana?

Montana does not issue insurance broker licenses, but the insurance industry in Montana is regulated by the Montana Commissioner of Insurance, and it does issue a variety of other insurance licenses.

You need an adjuster license if you receive a fee or commission as independent contractor or employee of an independent contractor for investigating and negotiating the settlement of claims arising under insurance contracts.

You need an administrator license to collect charges or premiums from residents of Montana for life, disability, property or casualty insurance or annuities or to adjust or settle claims.  If a person wants to be an administrator, it requires a written agreement between the person and insurer.

You need a consultant license to examine, appraise, review, evaluate, make recommendations, or give advice regarding an insurance policy, annuity, or pension.

You need a producer license to sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance in Montana. This is the license that businesses need to sell insurance in Montana.

What are the requirements to become licensed to deal in insurance in Montana?

Each Montana insurance license has similar requirements.

To become an adjuster, consultant, or producer, you must pass an exam and complete an application for a license. Producer licenses are granted to individuals as well as business entities. If your business gets a producer license, it covers all qualified individuals named in your application.

Submit the appropriate application and attachments to:

State Auditor
Commissioner of Insurance
840 Helena Avenue
Helena, Montana 59601
(406) 444-2040

How much does the license cost

Adjuster first-time license fees will cost $50.00 and the biennial renewal will cost $100.00

Administrator application for certificate of registration costs $100.00 and annual renewal costs $100.00

Consultant application for original license is $50.00 and the biennial renewal fee is $100.00

Resident business entity or individual producers don’t pay a license fee.

Nonresident business entity or individual producers must pay a $100.00 fee.

Are there any continuing education requirements?

Adjusters, consultants, and producers are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education every two years.  The requirement must be met by the time the person applies for renewal of their license.

How do I get Montana Commissioner of Insurance approval to set up my business?

If you want to sell insurance in Montana, you must first apply for the appropriate license.

Resident or nonresident individual insurance producers get their license by filing the Uniform Application for Individual Insurance Producer License/Registration.

An insurance company can get a resident or non-resident business entity license from the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance by completing the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Uniform Application for Business Entity Insurance License.

Insurance companies must be corporations in Montana, so a resident entity must include a copy of their Articles of Incorporation with the license application. A non-resident entity must file anApplication for Certificate of Authority with the Montana Secretary of State and qualify as a foreign corporation before applying for an insurance license.   Montana does not require corporations to indicate the type of service provided (such as the word “insurance”) in the corporate name.

To get a certificate of authority and submit documents contact:
Montana Secretary of State
Corporation Department
Capital Building
Helena, MT 59624
Phone: (406) 444-3665

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Will my non-resident insurance company need a Montana registered agent

Yes.   A nonresident insurance producer may maintain a place of business in Montana and if you don’t, you will need a registered agent. Even if you do have your own office, you should still consider our Montana registered agent service because when you sign up, we notify you when we receive documents for your business. We even scan and upload them immediately to your online account. With our registered agent service, you will always have access to the documents you need when you need them, including forms for filing with the Montana SOS. We provide these ongoing business compliance services for just $49 per year as your Montana registered agent.

Montana Commissioner of Insurance forms

Montana Secretary of State forms