Montana Electrician License Requirements

How do I become a licensed Residential, Journeyman or Master Electrician in the State of Montana?

Electricians are not permitted to practice in Montana without an active license or a temporary work permit. The Montana State Electrical Board issues five types of electrician licenses. You may be licensed as Residential, Journeyman, and Master Electrician; plus Limited and Unlimited Electrical Contractor.

Before you are eligible to apply for a license, you either must complete an approved residential apprenticeship program in the electrical trade, or have verified 4000 hours of legally obtained practical experience in wiring, installing and repairing residential electrical construction. Complete the Residential Electrician Application and deliver it with the fee and a copy of Apprenticeship Completion Certificate to the Montana State Electric Board. Routine processing time is 30 days. You may be required to appear for an interview. If the board approves your application, you will be issued an admission letter declaring you are eligible to take the exam.

You must complete a board-approved apprenticeship before you are eligible to apply for the journeyman’s license exam. Then you submit the completed Journeyman Electrician Application with a copy of your Apprenticeship Completion Certificate, along with the application fee to the Board. If you are a reciprocal journeyman, you must fill out the Verification of Licensure on page eight of the application. You may be asked to appear in person before the Board for an interview. The Board will evaluate your application and decide whether you qualify to sit for the exam. If you are approved, you will be notified with exam information. Bring a photo ID, your admission letter from that Board and your exam fee.

Before applying for your Master Electrician License in Montana, you must have college transcripts showing that you graduated as an electrical engineer of an accredited college or university and having a minimum of 2,000 hour of legally obtained practical experience. If you don’t have the college degree you must be able to verify that you have 8,000 hours of journeyman level electrician’s experience. Or you may verify your Master Electrician Licensure for a reciprocal state. Then you complete the Master Electrician Application and deliver it with the fee to the Montana State Electrical Board. If they approve your application, you will be notified to take the exam. It is an open book exam. You are allowed to bring the 2014 NEC Code and Montana State Electrical Board Statutes and Rules. Bring a photo ID, your admission letter from that Board and your exam fee.

Limited Electrical Contractor:
You must receive and attach to your application, proof of compliance with Montana Workers Compensation and also Unemployment Insurance. You must have a licensed Journeyman Electrician to be responsible for all work. Fill out the Limited Electrical Contractor Application and send it with the fee to the board. If they approve it, they will issue your Montana Limited Electrical Contractor License.

Unlimited Electrical Contractor:
An unlimited electrical contractor must have a Montana Licensed Master Electrician as the responsible electrician engaged full-time for the electrical contractor. You must also verify that you are compliant with workers compensation and unemployment insurance. Submit the completedUnlimited Electrical Contractor Application with the application fee to the Board and they will consider whether or not to approve your Montana Electrical Contractor License. You may be asked to appear before the Board for an interview.

Send all applications to:

Montana State Electrical Board
301 South Park, 4th Floor
P.O. Box 200513
Helena, MT 59620-0513

You may call for further information at: (406) 841-2339 or (406) 841-2329

What other information relates to a Montana Electrician License?

Montana does offer temporary residential and journeyman work permits. You still have to submit the standard application and take the exam and it costs an additional $50.00.

Does Montana recognize Reciprocity with other state electrician licenses?

Montana belongs to a large group of states that recognize each other’s licenses. It is called the Multi-State Reciprocal Group for Electricians. It includes some Midwest states and all Western states except Washington. An electrician coming to Montana from a reciprocal state must still apply for the license and pay the Montana fees. Reciprocal electricians are not required to take and pass the examination. You can find the list of reciprocal state by following the forms link below and selecting the FAQ tab.

How much does it cost to get licensed in Montana?

Residential and Journeyman Electrician Application Fee by Examination

Residential and Journeyman Electrician Application Fee by Reciprocity

Master Electrician Application Fee

Limited and Unlimited Electrical Contractor Application

Residential Electrician Exam fee

Journeyman Electrician Exam fee

Master Electrician Exam fee

How long is an electrician’s license good for in Montana?

You must renew your license every two years on even-numbered years between May 15 and July 15 for $200.00. Electrical Contractors’ renewal fee is $300.00. Montana encourages renewals be done online at the link found below.

Does the Montana State Electrical Board require continuing education?

All licensed electricians in Montana must obtain 8 hours of continuing education each year in the renewal cycle. Four hours per year shall be covering National Electrical Code changes and updates. Licensees are responsible for maintaining a record of their continuing education. Random audits of completion certificates may be performed by the board at any time.

What kind of business structure is required of Montana Electrician companies?

The Montana Secretary of State leaves all decisions regarding your organizational structure and your business name up to you. There are no special requirements for electrical contracting businesses in Montana.

What is the difference between a Montana occupational license and registering as a Montana business entity?

Montana Department of Labor and Industry requires electricians obtain licenses to ensure safety and quality standards in the field. The Montana Secretary of State is responsible for registering business entities, such as corporations, limited liability companies or partnerships. The formation of the different businesses requires the necessary documents filed with the Montana Secretary of State.

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