Montana Contractor License Requirements

Who has to register or license with the Montana Contractor Registration Unit?

Montana law requires construction contractors with employees, corporations or manager-managed limited liability companies in the construction industry to register, which is the same as a license.

What is the difference between a Montana occupational license and a Montana business entity?

Montana Department of Labor and Industry requires many professions and occupations to obtain licenses to ensure high standards within each occupation. Most occupational licenses in Montana are mandatory if you wish to practice the specific profession. The Montana Secretary of State is responsible for registering business entities; such as corporations and limited liability companies. Numerous businesses in Montana register with the Secretary of State for protection of personal assets from liability involving business-created situations.

How do I become a registered construction contractor in the State of Montana?

The Montana Contractor Registration Unit registers construction contractors to assure that all contractors are competing fairly and are in compliance with the Montana Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Laws. A construction contractor, who is registered with the unit and in good standing, will not be held liable for a Montana Workers’ Compensation accident. If a contractor has no employees, he or she may register with the unit, but it is not required. Arrange with your insurance agent for a Montana workers’ compensation insurance policy before you apply for you registration. You will also need a Federal Employer ID Number prior to registration. The IRS link is furnished below to apply for an EIN online.

Find and download the application form at the link below. It is called Montana Construction Contractor Registration Application. Fill it out and mail it with your workers’ compensation policy number and a check for the application fee to the following address:

Montana Department of Labor & Industry
Contractor Registration Unit
P.O. Box 8011
Helena, MT 59604-8011
Phone number:  (406) 444-7734 Fax:  (406) 444-3465

How do I become an Independent Contractor in Montana?

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry created the Independent Contractor Central Unit (ICCU) to determine whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee, and to issue Independent Contractor Exemption Certificates. All independent contractors must have either the exemption certificate or purchase workers’ compensation coverage on themselves.

The Application form is available at the link below, or you can contact the ICCU at (406) 444-7734. You must complete the Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate Application and mail it to the ICCU with the nonrefundable application fee along with supporting documentation. There is one application for all business entities. The documentation you need to include with your application is for the purpose of proving to the ICCU that you are an Independent Contractor. Include as many of the following as you can:

  • General Commercial Liability Insurance or bonding,
  • List of tools and equipment with approximate value,
  • Business tax forms or records within the past two years,
  • Business bank account,
  • Business entity formation documents (articles of incorporation or articles of organization) or an annual report,
  • Business forms, invoices or order receipts,
  • Business credit cards, telephone or utility bills,
  • Vehicle registration in the business name.

You will need to have your signature notarized in two places. This application must be submitted every two years. Mail your application packet with attachments and $125 fee to:

Independent Contractor Central Unit
P.O. Box 8011
Helena, MT 59604-8011

What other information relates to a Montana Building Contractor Registration?

Your registration is good for two years and then you reapply. The Contractor Registration Unit will send you a registration card. This will verify to prospective customers that you are qualified to bid their job. You will also receive a window decal for your vehicle to serve as further visual proof of your legitimacy as a construction contractor.

About 60 days before the ICEC expires, the ICCU mails out a renewal form. If you have changed your address, be sure to make that update on your renewal form. Or you can call ICCU anytime at 406-444-7734.

How much does it cost to get licensed in Montana?

Montana Construction Contractors Registration Application fee
$70 every two years nonrefundable

Montana Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate Application fee
$125 nonrefundable.

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Montana Contractor Registration Unit, forms link:

ICEC and CR Forms

IRS Online Application for EIN