Personal Asset Protection

A titled vehicle is a public record.  Anyone can write down your license plate number and look up your vehicle and find the name of who owns the vehicle. Having your vehicles titled in a Montana LLC provides you a lot more privacy. It also greatly reduces your personal liability when your “Company” vehicle is the one out there driving day to day instead of your personal vehicle.

We had a client that owned their boat in a Montana LLC.  They were just having a normal day out on the lake and their kids friend got injured from the propeller of the boat.  If they would have had the boat in their personal name, the kids family could have gone after them personally, but the boat was in the Montana LLC name, and the boat was the only asset in the Montana LLC name.

The same theory applies to airplanes. Think of all the liability in owning an airplane personally.

Driving a Montana LLC car or truck puts the Montana LLC out in the public way more than you personally would be if you register or license your vehicles personally.

Another added benefit:

When you sign applications for credit cards, cell phones, utilities, and loans; you give those companies permission to check your credit from time to time and do asset searches on you. It is a lot better for you to not own anything personally, so that there is nothing to really find. Do you really want your personal name being profiled and your information sold because you are profiled owning an $80,000 Audi?

The process of owning vehicles in a Montana LLC is pretty simple whether it’s a car, a truck, an RV, or any type of vehicle, and described in more detail here: