Montana Secretary of State

The amazing thing about Montana is how much the economy is booming and how well Montana businesses do. The rest of the country is struggling and the Montana state government had a huge surplus last year, and the only real argument was how to give it all back to us. The Montana state government gave us a rebate. The Montana Secretary of State is easy to work with.  The Montana Secretary of State has some of the lowest fees in the country, is efficient, and wants to help your business instead of over-regulate it.

There are only 1 million people in Montana, so there is a huge need for services, businesses, and people in general. The Montana Secretary of State and other various government offices don’t spend their time over-regulating and controlling you. The Montana Secretary of State spends its time serving its basic functions and is extremely pro-business.

Montana is truly the treasure state. The general attitude in Montana is less is more. Meaning less government and taxes, and the more you can enjoy Montana. The mountains, hunting, rivers, skiing, mountaineering, ranching, and hip urban small towns are why you live and run a business in Montana. The Montana government and Montana Secretary of State know this, and want to stay out of your business as much as possible.
Running a business in Montana is by far, one of the easiest, lowest fees, and most business friendly states in America.  Montana just recently in the last couple years banned drinking and driving!! Do you think they are going to go out of their way to over-regulate your business if they just decided they should ban drinking at the same time you drive?

People from all over the states, are flocking to Montana to get a piece of what America used to be like. This influx of cash has sent the Montana economy booming. This tremendous need for services, shopping, restaurants, and all other types of businesses has greatly benefited Montana business owners.

The Montana Secretary of State is where it all starts for your business. Montana Registered Agent is your Montana Secretary of State expert. We work with the Montana Secretary of State on a regular basis and understand their rules and expectations very well.

The Montana State legislature is generally bogged down with Native American concerns in this State, as we have a huge Native American population. They are also very busy with farming, ranching, and natural resource needs. State laws change pretty slow around here, so the attractive benefits of starting a business in Montana are likely to stay here for quite a while.