Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How much does it cost to register all of my vehicles?

We have a ton of great links on our vehicle registrations pages. Just hover over the vehicle registration tab on the menu and pick the type of vehicles you have.  The pricing that the Flathead County DMV charges you for each vehicle is on those pages. We do not charge you for vehicle registrations. You do that yourself with the Flathead County DMV.

How much does it cost to renew a vehicle license?

The Montana DMV will send you a renewal notice to your mailing address or to our address. If it comes to our address, we will upload it into your online account. You then can pay online here: You can also find it on the Flathead County DMV page under “Renew Online.” After you pay online, the DMV will mail you or us the new vehicle registration sticker and receipt. If it gets mailed to us, we will forward it to you. Worst case, if you can’t get the online system to work, you can use the credit card payment sheet in your online account and either email it or mail it to the Flathead County DMV and request your plates get renewed. We have a Word document template in your online account to use to send in a manual renewal request.

What if I don’t get a vehicle license plate renewal notice?

If you don’t get a renewal notice, you can just remember based off the month on the sticker on your license plate to send in a renewal payment either online or manually. If you want to do so manually, there’s a Word document template in your online account you can use to mail or email to the Flathead County DMV to renew your plates. They will charge your card, mail you or us the new sticker and receipt, and if it comes to us, we will forward to you. Make sure we have your most up-to-date address in your online account!

I am from Canada. Is it legal for me to have a Montana LLC?

Sure! There aren’t any rules about non-US residents owning companies in America. We have a ton of Canadian clients.

I'm not a US citizen. Can I form a Montana LLC or corporation?

Yes. Non-US residents can own Montana companies. If you are just using a Montana LLC to own a vehicle, the Montana LLC will be best for you. If you’re actually making money in America and are going to need to pay income tax to the IRS and the Montana Department of Revenue, a Montana corporation will be best for you, because you don’t have a Social Security Number. If you don’t have a Social Security Number, you will have to pay your income tax at the corporate level (a C-corporation). A regular Montana corporation is defaulted to this taxing classification, so it’s just less paperwork for you to deal with.

Registered Agent Questions

Why do I need a registered agent?

The State of Montana requires all entities to keep a registered agent for service of process. It’s so that any business entity in Montana can be easily notified. Most states require all business entities to have a registered agent.

What happens if I don't have a registered agent or my registered agent is not performing?

Your business entity will be administratively dissolved by the Montana Secretary of State. This takes a little time, but if it goes through, you will face some fees and lose the personal liability protection that your business entity protects you with.

What do we do after our first year of registered agent service is over?

We will send you an invoice for the next year. You can pay by check or credit card online. If you’re going to switch to someone else, there’s no cancellation fee, and we won’t give you a hard time. We just ask that you fill out the proper paperwork with the state to switch registered agents or dissolve your entity, and then mail us proof of such a filing.

I already have a registered agent. How do I change to you?

If you’re filling out your annual report, you can just fill in our name as your registered agent and our address. If you file your report online, there’s a drop-down box where you can appoint us. The change of registered agent form does not cost anything to file with the state. The form is in your online account immediately after you sign up for service. You just print it out, fill in your name, sign it, and mail or fax it to the Montana Secretary of State.

What if I don't want to pay with PayPal or a credit card?

You can fill out our sign up form online here: Then just print it out. Make sure all the information printed. Then mail it to us with a check for $49. We will manually establish your online account and email you once we’ve made it for you. Paying online gets you instant access to our services, but we understand if you’re afraid to enter your credit card info on a website. Additionally, you can call us, and we can do the order over the phone with you.

Is your annual registered agent fee for a year from time of service or for the calendar year?

Our fees are for one year from the time you hire us. If this is not acceptable, we can work with you to pick a renewal date that works best for your schedule.

What happens to the personal information I provide you?

We have a high degree of security on our website. Your contact information is only for our personal records, should we need to get in touch with you. We do not sell or give out your information to anyone.

Who is All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC?

All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC is a local Montana registered agent and incorporation service. We specialize in Montana, love Montana, and think you should too.

What are your credentials?

All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC has been in the registered agent business industry for over 10 years. We service most of the top law firms in Montana as the backbone to their registered agent services for their clients.

How are you able to charge half of every other registered agent service fee and stay in business?

All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC is a small operation. You deal directly with the owner. We believe in long-term slow growth. The national average is that 40% of registered agent customers switch or cancel every year. Our percentage is nowhere near that. We try to make it so you can’t find a cheaper price, and you can’t find a better, more personal service. With those two goals accomplished year after year, we don’t lose customers.

National registered agents have to hire offices like ours, CPAs, accountants, or attorneys to act as their registered agents in each state, to provide service for a state. Then they have to split the fees. That is why most registered agents charge $100-300 a year. We have our own office, and we don’t have to hire anyone to be in business, or split any fees.

Some other local Montana Registered Agents specialize in weird tax schemes and license plate forwarding services. Why do they have to charge more? Let’s face it, would you want to go stand in line at the DMV and get license plates for someone else? No, it’s bad enough doing it once a year for yourself. With All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent, we keep a clean, organized, streamlined, and efficient business that lets us pass the savings on to our clients. We offer an incredible price that’s half of our next closest competitor. They can’t touch our price and will never be able to.

Is this a coupon rate like your competitors offer?

No. The name is All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC. It’s the same price every year. Don’t believe it? It’s our legal name and our website. It would be kind of weird if we didn’t charge $49, wouldn’t it?

Is it hard to switch registered agents?

No. You can do it for free and with no additional paperwork when you or we file your annual report. If you would like to switch before your annual report, the pre-populated form is also available for you to download and sign immediately after you sign up.

Is the annual registered agent fee a year from time of service, calendar year, or annual report deadline?

We charge our fee one year from the time you hire us.

Where is your office?

All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent is located in Whitefish, Montana. Whitefish is in the Flathead Valley and is one of the gateway towns to Glacier National Park. Whitefish has about 5,500 people and is a ski resort town. The Flathead Valley is a huge valley surrounded by 7,000-foot mountains in every direction. The Flathead Lake is said to be the biggest freshwater lake this side of the Mississippi River. The Flathead Valley is the fastest growing county (and also one of the best financed county governments) in Montana, and is anchored by our county seat, Kalispell. Kalispell has about 34,000 people, with the valley having about 160,000 people total. Our area is one of the most beautiful in the US. It is the perfect combination of all the rocks and brown colors of Colorado and the thick evergreen forests of the West Coast. It is hard and long to get up here, but once you do, you will find it well worth the trip. It is three hours north of Missoula off of I-90. On a clear day of skiing on top of Whitefish’s 3,000-plus acre ski resort you can see all the way into Glacier Park to the Northeast, all through the Bob Marshall Wilderness to the Southeast, past the Flathead Lake to the South, and far into the rolling forests to the west. It is an amazing view that you don’t even have to hike to see.

What happens to my personal contact information I provide you?

We have high security on our website, and emails sent through it are encrypted. Your contact information is only for our personal records if we need to get a hold of you. We do not sell or give out your information.

LLC Questions

What do I need to start an LLC?

You need to file Articles of Organization with the state of Montana. You can simply sign up for our services here and we start on your order right away:

Do I need to hire an attorney to form an LLC?

No, anyone can form an LLC. An attorney or accountant can form an LLC for you. It will cost you $500-1,000, but accountants or attorneys have gone through many years of education and can answer any legal questions you might have that pertain to your personal well-being. You can also do this yourself, but if you don’t do it correctly, the Secretary of State won’t process it, and you might get something set up in a way that isn’t what’s best for you or what you wanted.

Having us form an LLC for you is a good balance of the two other options. Though we are not attorneys and can’t provide legal advice, we do this every day, and have a pretty good understanding of it, and will notice if you are requesting something that the Montana Secretary of State might not like. We only charge $100, and you will have the peace of mind that you are setting up your LLC correctly.  Most of our work comes from Montana attorneys that don’t want to waste their time with the nuts and bolts of properly filing Montana LLCs.

How many people are needed to start an LLC?

As little as one, or as many as you want.

Can members of an LLC be other LLCs and corporations, or do they have to be individuals?

Members can be both individuals and other business entities.

Should I create a member-managed, or a manager-managed LLC?

If you are the single owner of this LLC, you would probably want to be member-managed, because there will be no one else in the organization to make decisions. Or perhaps you operate your LLC as a business and have multiple members who have interests in this new LLC, but some of them are silent partners and do not want to get involved with the day-to-day management of the LLC. In that case, you would probably prefer to be a manager-managed LLC. This will give your CEO, or operations manager, the signing capabilities he or she will need for your LLC. If you are a husband and wife duo, member-managed will still probably be simplest for you. If you are trying to be more private, regardless of your situation, manager-managed will be more private. Whatever you decide, we provide you with the proper backend/non-public documents to manage your LLC.

How quickly will I get my official initial documents?

The Montana Secretary of State gets our paperwork the same day you hire us. If you use their rush service for $70 extra, they will have your documents filed within eight hours of them receiving the documents. Montana also makes available a one hour super rush service if you need it done right away. They charge an extra $150 for this service. Without rush service, it takes about a week for the Montana Secretary of State to file the paperwork. Sometimes it gets done the same day anyway, but they won’t guarantee that. We get the paperwork back from the state once they process it. We actually get our paperwork processed faster than someone physically walking into the Secretary of State in Helena, because we file electronically. If you’re needing one-hour service, we’ll have your LLC or corporation formed or registered before someone in Helena even gets to the Secretary of State!

Are you going to keep sending bills to me?

The state will charge you $20 a year every April 15th for your annual report filings. If you file in January, you’re not going to have to file an annual report in the same year a couple months later.

If you use our Montana registered agent services to keep your privacy and personal information from being public and on the Montana website, you will get a bill for $49 each year. You can cancel at any time, and there’s no cancellation fee. Our registered agent fees are half of our next cheapest competitor.

Vehicle Registration Questions

Do I register the vehicle in my own personal name?

No. The vehicles will be titled in the LLC’s name. You own the LLC; the LLC owns the vehicles.

Do I need to hire you to get the license plates for me?

No. You just mail everything to the DMV and they mail it back to you. There’s no need to pay someone to get license plates and titles for you. You can see our step-by-step guide to getting everything you need from the Flathead DMV within days here:

Do international titles need to be translated into English before we send the title to you?

Yes. The title must be in English.

Do I need to go to Montana to make this work?

No. You simply sign up for the LLC online here: We’ll have the LLC formed for you in a couple days, and then you send your title work to the Flathead DMV.

Do I need a vehicle inspection?

If you’re trying to make a 4-wheeler street legal, there is a self-inspection sheet you can send in with your title work. That form is in your online account. As far as regular vehicles, Montana does not have vehicle inspections, there is no smog test, and the DMV doesn’t even ask for proof of your insurance (insurance is obviously required, they just trust you though).

Why is there no tax?

Montana does not have sales tax. A couple of the more populated counties have excise tax, but we don’t have any type of sales or excise tax in Flathead County. Montana does have income tax on residents and personal property tax on assets that aren’t titled. Titling an asset makes you pay license fees, and in Montana if you’re paying a licensing fee, you don’t have additional taxes; at least in our county anyway.

Do I need a Montana driver's license?

No. Frankly, if someone is trying to do that, it’s not really legal. What you’re trying to do is LEGALLY avoid paying sales tax on a licensed vehicle. If you said that you personally live in Montana when you don’t, you’re lying, and that could get you in trouble. By forming a Montana LLC, the LLC is a Montana business, located and domiciled in Montana. The Montana LLC owns the vehicle, not you. There’s really no way that the state would ever not let Montana businesses own and title vehicles, so it’s a pretty safe theory and strategy.

If you’re going to be a full-timer and need to establish residency, we recommend doing it in South Dakota. We’re not South Dakota experts, but from what we hear, South Dakota has pretty lax laws about establishing personal residency. We recommend have no affiliation with them, but have talked to the owner and he seems like a pretty fair guy. Apparently, there’s an actual RV campground on-site as well. They’ll try to get you to register your vehicles there, but that will cost you a ton more money than registering them in Montana. If you’re a full-timer, a pretty good combination is personal residency in SD and a Montana LLC that owns and titles your vehicles in MT.

What if I'm Canadian?

It depends on what you’re trying to do. We have a lot of clients from Edmonton and Calgary that come over the border on a regular basis. They actually store their vehicles in Montana. So they drive their personal Canadian vehicles across the border and pick up their RVs, trailers, boats, or whatever from storage in Montana. They tell us this is easier for border crossing and dealing with traveling in the states with a Montana license plate, than if they had a Canadian plate.

Now, a lot of Canadians try to buy in America because it’s way cheaper than buying in Canada. So from what our clients tell us, once you try to register the vehicle personally in your province, you pay VAT tax and a whole load of other taxes. The Montana LLC theory works for Canadians as long as you keep the vehicle licensed and titled in the Montana LLC name. We hear horror stories from Canadians trying to do quick transfers between Montana LLCs and Canadians personally. Here’s a page for more info on Canadians.

What if I have a lien?

You will need to talk to your bank and have them release the lien long enough to get the title into the Montana LLC name, and on the title application, you can put your bank down as the new lien holder.

What if I'm going to have a loan?

You just need to talk to your bank and make sure they are okay having a loan for the vehicle titled in the Montana LLC’s name with you personally guaranteeing the loan. We hear this works very easily for some people, and then we hear some people tell us that their bank wasn’t okay with this situation at all. We highly recommend you talk with your bank first, because it’s a total waste of $300 to us to have us set up a LLC and then you not be able to do anything with it.

Out Of State Registration Questions

Do I need to register my business with the State of Montana?

If you are generating revenue in Montana, the state requires you to let them know about it. You will then have a foreign LLC or corporation in Montana. It is a good idea anyway, so that others can’t use your name in Montana.

What is the fine for not registering my foreign business (getting a Montana Certificate of Authority) with Montana?

The state will fine you $5 per day from the first day you did work in the state, up to $1,000.

What do I need to register?

We need to get a certificate of existence or certificate of good standing from your home state that is dated within the last six months. If you already have this document, just get it to us, and you can save money.You will need to provide us with the list of directors, president, treasurer and basic company information. You’ll be done filling out our form in five minutes.

What do I have to do to remain in good standing with Montana?

You will need to return an annual report just like a domestic Montana LLC or corporation does, along with the state’s $20 fee, every April 15th. If you don’t want to worry about this task, we do it for business entities for $70 a year, including the state fee. We also send you multiple reminders, and you can see your due date in your online account with our registered agent service.

Do I need a registered agent?

Yes. The Montana Secretary of State requires you to have a physical Montana address to receive official mail and documents. If you have a location you feel comfortable assigning this task to, you can use that location. Otherwise, it’s recommended to hire a registered agent service like us to fulfill this requirement for you. All Day $49 Montana Registered Agent LLC only charges $49 a year, which is half of our next cheapest competitor, and then we help remind you when and how to keep up with your annual reports and compliance with Montana State.